Hitman 2 (2018): The Best Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far | Freedom Fighters, Blood Money & More

Hitman 2 (2018) is a return to silly form for the franchise, bringing back plenty of cheeky humor to Agent 47’s darkly comedic kills. You’ll find plenty of references to past games, and even a few Easter eggs hidden in these massive missions. Finding them can be a little tricky, so we’re listed all the best Easter eggs I’ve found (so far) in my many, many playthroughs.

Some of these little Easter eggs are obvious. Some are less obvious, and some you’ll have to work hard to find. They’re all worth checking out — sometimes it’s a powerful weapon, a self-referential mission story, or just an object from the Hitman developer’s long, long history.

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The Best Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more Easter eggs!]

Freedom Fighters

Found across many of the maps, but most obviously appearing in the saloon in Santa Fortuna, you can find a “Freedom Fighters” arcade cabinet. It has all the logos, and even plays a simplified version of the game’s theme. This isn’t just a random arcade cabinet, but a reference to a cult classic game from the Hitman developer’s past.

Freedom Fighters was a 3rd Person tactical-action game where you controlled a squad of rebels as they fought to defeat an evil Soviet invasion of the US. It’s an incredible game, and this might be the first new thing to come out of the franchise in more than a decade. It’s a nice reminder that the Hitman devs didn’t forget their cult classic.

Robocop’s Gun

Found in Miami, deep within the Krondstadt Conference Center, you’ll find Robert Knox testing

his latest invention — a fully autonomous (but unfinished) cyborg. The cyborg is a perfect crackshot, and with a little clever manipulation, you can trick the robot into shooting Knox. But, that isn’t the Easter egg. The Easter egg is what the robot is wielding.

The weapon is a long-barreled, one-handed, three-shot burst hand cannon. You can take it and use it yourself if you want, or unlock it if you level up high enough in Miami. It’s essentially Robocop’s gun, and looks almost exactly like it, mimicking that famous weapon in both form and function. Even if you don’t plan on using it, it’s fun just to see it in action.

Blood Money’s “Ave Maria”

One of the trickier Easter eggs to unlock, this one is available in the final level, the Isle of Sgail. If you follow a very specific series of events, you’ll be able to recreate the funeral scene from a previous Hitman game — Blood Money.

To watch the Blood Money funeral scene, you need to find a crowbar in the warehouse area of the castle, then use it to break open crates until you discover the Burial Dagger. Go to the Morgue and steal the corpse’s funeral garb, then sneak to the funeral. Whisper to the harp player, and she’ll begin to play “Ave Maria” — just like in Blood Money!

The funeral garb is even white, like Agent 47’s white suit variant. Like in that game, you sit and wait while the funeral plays out, then you can spring back to life and attack your target. This method is quite a bit sneakier than the gunfight that ensues in Blood Money, at least.

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