Hitman 2 (2018) – Miami: The Finish Line | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

You don’t need flashy moves to become a perfect assassin in Hitman 2 (2018) — sometimes is just requires a ridiculous set of circumstances to align perfectly. If you’re quick, it’s possible to assassinate the Knox family targets in Miami very quickly. It’s possible to take them both out and escape in less than five minutes, and it’s possible to do it even quicker if you’re really on-the-ball.

Below, you’ll find the exact sequence of events you’ll need to follow to earn a ‘Silent Assassin, Suit Only’ rating. That’s the most coveted grade in the entire game, and the goal of any self-respecting assassin. Anything less than a Silent Assassin is truly shameful, but considering how enormous the maps are in Hitman 2 (2018), it’s even harder to solve that puzzle. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Miami: The Finish Line | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide


No preparation required for this mission. To make things easier, you can bring the Lockpick in your inventory, but that is not required. I’ll explain how to complete this with a standard loadout.

  • Recommended Loadout: Silenced Pistol, Coins (x3), Noisy Distraction (Fish)
    • Optional: Lockpick, Silenced Sniper Rifle (In Briefcase)

If you want to earn “Silent Assassin, Suit Only” you must complete the level without changing out of your starting outfit. You can’t be seen, or caught on camera. The kills must be hidden or look like an accident. 

From spawn (the normal starting point is fine) go to the back entrance of the Convention Center, to the right of the front entrance. Shoot the camera and take the crowbar from the van to break through the outer gate.

Go up to the third floor and stand on the walkway over the racetrack. Look up at the balcony on the fourth floor of the convention center and shoot the laptop next to the antennae. This will disable the AI routine Robert Knox is using to help Sierra Knox.

From this walkway, you can kill Sierra Knox and Robert Knox. While Robert Knox is walking to repair the antennae, shoot Sierra Knox’s racecar with your silenced pistol. You don’t need perfect aim. Hit the vehicle enough, and it will crash. No Sniper Rifle required.

Throw a coin (or squeaky toy, or any other distraction) on the ground near the exterior door, beneath the fourth floor balcony, to distract the bodyguard with Robert Knox. The bodyguard will go downstairs to inspect the distraction. Shoot Robert Knox in the head, then sprint downstairs to the closest exit. If you’re fast, you’ll escape before the bodyguard returns and discovers Robert Knox’s body.

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