Fallout 76: Where To Find The ‘Perfect Storm’ SMG | Unique Weapon Guide

Good weapons are hard to come by in the desiccated wastelands of West Virginia, the new post-apocalyptic location of Fallout 76. Dropping the heavy storylines and focusing on always-online exploration, you and a team of former Vault Dwellers can pick through the ruins of civilization, and the first thing you’re going to need is a good gun.

Unique Guns are special variants with Legendary Buffs — they’re always available to find, always drop in the same location, and don’t have randomized bonuses. One of these Unique Weapons is the ‘Perfect Storm’, a flame-infused 10mm SMG you can grab when you’re just Level 10 or so. If you’re looking to add extra punch to your ranged combat, this is a pretty good place to start. Learn how to start the ‘Perfect Storm’ quest and how to complete it below.

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Where To Find The ‘Perfect Storm’ 10mm SMG | Unique Weapon Guide


The Perfect Storm is a unique 10mm SMG with a folded stock and a large flash suppressor. It is a unique weapon that causes 24 points of burn damage for three seconds after each shot. That makes it very, very powerful.

  • Where To Find The Perfect Storm:
    • Found in Wavy Willard’s Water Park. Look for the crocodile cartoon icon on your map. It’s in the northwest corner of the lakes area.
    • Find the robot named “Miss Annie” in the lazy river area. Interact to begin the “Cold Case” quest.
      • Find the Park Security Terminal and access it. Read through the terminal messages until you discover that the holotape with a clue is locked in the Security Office safe.
      • Unlock the Security Office safe. It’s built into the floor in the room with the terminal. Requires Lockpicking Skill: 0.
    •  Play the tape, then travel to Crocolossus Mountain and enter the underground ‘Employees Only’ area. The second clue is located in a cabinet.
    • Next, go back upstairs and search the mailbox just outside the Crocolossus Mountain ride.
      • The clue leads you to the top of the Ssslither Slide. Collect the KidSecure ID from the container. It will point you to the Clarksburg Post Office, south of the water park.
        • To enter Clarksburg, you absolutely must have a Hazmat Suit to survive the radiation.
    •  At the post office, access a terminal and [Search By Box Number] -> [Box 012] to get Otis Pike’s address.
      • Go to Otis Pike’s address (southwest) and access the terminal. Read through the diary entries to get your next clue. Next up, you’ll need to enter Grafton Dam.
      • Start by entering Grafton Steel and fighting through the Super Mutants guarding the area. Find five clues at the Dam, and you’ll be pointed to the Woods Estate.
    • The Woods Estate is located on the southwest shore of the lakes area, just south of the water park. It’s a completely destroyed house.
    • Read the note in the desk on the upper floor, then return to Miss Annie.

For completing ‘Cold Case’, you’ll earn the Perfect Storm 10mm SMG.

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