Hitman 2 (2018) – Isle of Sgail: The Ark Society | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

The final mission in Hitman 2 is the hardest to complete with ‘Silent Assassin, Suit Only’ — because you need a disguise to enter almost every level of the castle. You’re only allowed in a very narrow set of locations, and your targets never spend time with the lower class. They’re sealed away in the heavily guarded keep, and if you want to kill them without being spotted, you’re going to have to use a few tricks.

One of the best tricks available is dropping illegal weapons for guards to pick up. If you can’t knock out a guard without someone seeing, you can get rid of them a different way — drop an illegal weapon, like a firearm, on the ground on their patrol route. The guards don’t just ignore weapons. They’ll pick the weapon up and take it to a secure locker for storage. It’s a perfect way to separate a target from their bodyguard. Learn all about the best places to strike in the complete guide below.

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Isle of Sgail: The Ark Society | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide


We’re back to two targets — Sophia and Zoe Washington. Reaching them with just a suit is very, very tricky. You don’t need to do anything with the Constant. After killing both targets, you can leave and Grey will handle the Constant’s capture.

  • Recommended Loadout: Lockpick, Coins x3

The method for disposing of each target is pretty simple. You just need to reach the correct spot. You’ll need to climb and crawl through brush to access areas where the target can be killed. I’ll start each section with a brief summary of the method, then get into the details.

Target #1: Zoe Washington

For Zoe Washington, we’re going to hide in the brush, on the path that leads from the Gallery to the Stone Circle. The goal? Use a coin to lure Zoe under a hanging metal cage, then shoot the chain. The metal cage will crush Zoe and score you an Accident Kill.

At the start of the level, climb up the metal pole to the right of the pathway to the main party area. Up above, you’ll reach the Barracks. Sneak inside and grab a pistol. Then sneak by the guards on the East Wall. Climb the ladder to reach the Stone Circle. Sneak through the brush to reach the door to the Gallery.

In the small hallway to the Gallery, drop the pistol we collected earlier. Drop it near the door. That way, Zoe’s bodyguard will be busy taking the weapon away to a security room. When Zoe is alone, toss a coin at the stone castle wall under the hanging metal cage. If she isn’t close to anyone else, she’ll investigate herself. Shoot the chain to crush her.

Sneak down the steps from the Stone Circle, and re-climb the ladder at the East Wall guard post. That way, you can snake around to the metal pole that leads up toward the glass bridge. Our next goal? Reach the 5th Floor Security Room.

Target #2: Sophia Washington

To kill Sophia, sneak from the Stone Circle up to the 5th Floor Security Room. Clear out the two guards, then kill Sophia when she’s alone in the room. She’ll always enter the room without her bodyguard.

From the Stone Circle, climb the metal pole on the west side of the glass bridge. From there, shimmy left onto the small balcony, then left to enter the Raider Room. From here, wait for the guards to look away, then sneak straight into the Security Room.

Dealing with these two guards is tricky. Use coins and throw them at the wall near the window. Lure each guard away from the camera, one at a time. Knock them out and hide the bodies. Also, don’t forget to hide the guns in the corner near the cupboard. Hide both bodies, then shoot out the camera and delete the security footage.

Now that you’re alone, simply wait for Sophia to enter the room by herself. Shoot her in the head, and you’re done.

You can hide her body in the room across from the Showroom on the Fifth Floor, then crawl out the window. You can escape through the underground tunnel, or the helicopter. Personally, I think the underground tunnel is easier. Exit through the 5th Floor Broom Closet window, and shimmy right until you reach the stairs. Go through the door to the left at the bottom of the steps, then climb down into the storage room. Exit through the ladder to escape.

If nobody saw you, you’ll earn the final “Silent Assassin, Suit Only”! Congratulations!