Hitman 2 (2018) – Mumbai: Chasing A Ghost | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Agent 47 doesn’t just have to assassinate three targets in Mumbai, he must also identify a man by hunting down clues. All three targets are hidden deep inside their own lairs, with dozens of armed henchmen between you and your objective. At first blush, Mumbai seems like one of the most difficult missions to earn ‘Silent Assassin, Suit Only’ — in reality, this might be the easiest one yet.

To make this one easy, you’ll need to unlock the Lethal Poison in your Loadout. You’ll also want to bring a Silenced Pistol. The trick here is to lure the targets out of their lairs, using a secret method. If you pay very close attention while exploring Mumbai, you’ll learn that the various criminal parties use colored smoke to signal each other. Dropping bricks into smelters generates this colored smoke. Using this method, you can get any two of the three targets to meet in relatively unprotected areas.

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Mumbai: Chasing A Ghost | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide


You have three targets to eliminate in this map. One target is unknown, but you can still prepare to eliminate him early. You’ll need to unlock Lethal Poison, or know a location to acquire lethal poison in the map. A Silenced Pistol is also required.

  • Recommended Loadout: Lethal Poison, Silenced Pistol

There are three targets that are normally very hard to kill. To complete this, we’re going to trick each target to leave their compound and meet somewhere in the slums.

Target #1: The Maelstrom

For the first target, you’ll want to poison his drink and then signal the Maelstrom to arrive at the meeting place. Go to the beachfront and find the ladder that connects to the Maelstrom’s estranged wife, in the hills. The hills are locked down and patrolled by armed guards.

Use the pistol to shoot the ladder to knock it down. Climb up, then use the lethal poison on the left drink. There are two drinks on the table — Maelstrom always uses the left drink. Stand near the wife’s house kitchen door and look toward the table to judge.

Climb the ledges on the exterior of the house to reach the roof. Two guards are on the roof near a flag pole. Distract one guard, then use the flag pole. Or shoot the switch. When the flag is raised, the Maelstrom will depart for his meeting and tea time. He’ll eventually sit down and drink the poisoned tea.

Target #2 & #3: Vanya Shah & Dawood Rangan

While on the rooftop with the flag, pickup the brick. Climb back down the ladder to leave the hills. The Maelstrom will eventually arrive and drink the poison. You don’t need to stick around. At the bottom of the ladder, enter the nearby metal smelter. Throw the brick into the smelter to produce purple smoke. This is a secret message — Vanya and Dawood will meet in the beachside slums nearby.

It will take some time. Wait for both characters to leave their enclaves. They’ll slowly walk to the meeting spot, just outside the Maelstrom’s safehouse. To kill both, take cover behind a building where no civilians can see you, then shoot the dingy on the Crow HQ rooftop. Shoot the bar under the boat itself — it will fall down and crush both targets.

When all three are dead, just step onto the pier and leave using the boat. If you know what to do, this is one of the easiest “Silent Assassin, Suit Only” challenges in the game.