Fallout 76: How To Dupe Loot, Earn ‘Schwag’ Easily & Un-Dilute Aid Items | Cheat Guide

Fallout 76 is a very different online-only RPG. It doesn’t really work like anything else out there on the market today, and all those strange systems are piled onto a framework that’s not too different than Fallout 4. What I’m trying to say is — there are lots of ways you can “cheat” in Fallout 76. These aren’t exactly exploits, but they aren’t exactly how the game was meant to be played, either. If you’re looking to take advantage of a few systems, here’s a trio of tips and tricks you can use.

Below, you’ll find three different tricks for duping. One dupes any item that’s on the map, another only dupes items to count toward an achievement / trophy, and the last trick transforms weaker healing items into better ones. These are all available to you at any point in the game, and they’re all taking advantage — in a gentle way. You won’t ruin anyone else’s game with these little tricks. If anything, you can help your fellow Vault Dwellers succeed by providing better healing and unleashing more weapons. Check out all the tricks we’ve found so far below.

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How To Dupe Loot, Earn ‘Schwag’ Easily & Un-Dilute Aid Items | Cheat Guide


The trick to duping items is very, very simple — just switch servers. For an example, I’ll explain how to dupe Miniguns. This will work for literally any item that spawns on the map, and doesn’t generate server-side from a lootable.

  • How To Dupe Miniguns (And Any Other Item On The Map):
    • Find a valuable item that spawns on the map. This won’t work for items that appear in lootable chests or on bodies. It won’t work for quest items.
      • Get a Minigun at the top of the catwalks, in the exterior of the Poseidon Energy Plant, far south of Vault 76.
    • You have two choices. You can wait (in real-time) for an area’s items to respawn and travel back to the area, or you can exit the server and travel to a new one.

You can just keep collecting the same item, over and over. You can sell these items to vendors — who restock slowly, and their cap limit is global, so you can’t get rich quick. You can also collect multiple bobbleheads.

Get 10 Bobbleheads and you’ll unlock the “Schwag” achievement / trophy. But, there’s an even easier way to earn this accolade. No need to change servers or wait. You can earn it with a single bobblehead location.

  • Easy “Schwag” Achievement / Trophy:
    • Go to a Bobblehead location. One is in the amusement park west of Vault 76, in the tent. Another can be found in a window high in the Landview Lighthouse, southeast of Vault 76.
    • Return to your CAMP and stash the bobblehead.
    • Remove the bobblehead. Each time you remove the bobblehead from your stash, it counts as another discovery.
    • Remove it nine times, and you’ll unlock ‘Schwag’.

For our final trick, let’s talk about duping aid items. Aid Items like Stimpacks and RadAway can be transformed into “Diluted” versions. You’ll make a single item into two, but they’re weaker versions. You can restore the versions, making them no-longer diluted, with a very simple trading trick.

  • How To Un-Dilute Aid Items:
    • Diluting Aid Items will turn 1 Aid Item into weaker 2 Aid Items. They will have “Diluted” in the name.
    • To un-dilute an item, open a trade window and place your Diluted Aid Items in to trade.
    • Simply wait for the window to time out.

You’ll get a bunch of un-diluted, fully-fledged aid items in return! It’s a weird little trick, but it does work. For now.