Fallout 76: Destroy High-Level Enemies With This Powerful Unique Gun | Rose’s Syringer Location Guide

The ‘Rose’s Syringer‘ weapon is one of the best (and weirdest) unique guns in Fallout 76 — all due to its very unique properties. Shoot any enemy with this special syringer, and they’ll become incredibly powerful for one minute. When that minute is up, they’ll become incredibly weak. If you can survive for that first minute, this weapon can be used to destroy even the toughest enemies in West Virginia. It’s truly insane, allowing Level 10-20 players destroy enemies in the Level 40-50 range.

To get Rose’s Syringer, you’ll need to travel to the highest point in the area — the ‘Top of the World’ — an old pre-war resort in the snowy mountains. The area is guarded by a Raider Robot, so you’ll want to be prepared for some lengthy quests. She’s waiting at the top level. You’ll also find a free minigun spawn and a bobblehead! Just don’t forget to grab the special syringer.

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Destroy High-Level Enemies With This Powerful Unique Gun | Rose’s Syringer Location Guide

The unique weapon ‘Rose’s Syringer‘ is located in the ‘Top of the World‘ resort, located smack dab in the center of the map in the Savage Divide region.

  • Find a Vault-Tec Bobblehead in the Mezzanine Level, near the elevator exit. It’s sitting on a speaker.

The special syringer is located on the top floor, given by a Raider Robot named ‘Rose’. Talk to Rose, and she’ll send you on three Raider Faction quests — Signal Strength, Flavors of Mayhem, and Keys to the Past. Complete her quests, and she’ll give you her unique syringer.

Most syringers aren’t that useful, but this particular Syringer changes everything. Any enemy that you shoot will be extremely tough for 60 seconds, then extremely weak for 60 seconds. As long as you can survive that first 60 seconds, even high-level enemies will evaporate under your follow-up attacks. It’s completely insane, and can help you crush even the hardest opponents in the game.

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