Fallout 76: How To Find A Hazmat Suit For Perfect Radiation Protection | Location Guide

Radiation is kind of a problem when you’re stuck in a nuclear ravaged wasteland. In Fallout 76, radiation is a constant threat, and the more you absorb, the weaker you become. Your maximum HP steadily lowers as your rads increase. There’s one way to minimize the threat from environmental radiation — a Hazmat Suit.

These rare jumpsuits will completely shield your character from the effects of radiation, turning deadly hot spots perfectly safe. It won’t help you if you’re drinking dirty water or eating mutants, but it will provide protection from the irradiated elements. It might not provide much armor, but this suit of armor is completely invaluable. You can get one early in the game, and you’ll be able to equip it immediately. Here’s where you need to go to grab a full suit for free.

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How To Find A Hazmat Suit For Perfect Radiation Protection | Location Guide

An early (and easy-to-find) Hazmat Suit can be found in the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 — the power plant is located south of Vault 76. You can’t miss it — just look for the giant cooling towers on your map.

The Hazmat Suit itself isn’t actually inside the building. It’s in an exterior room. Start by locating the catwalk stairs to the left of the main entrance. The walkway leads to a rooftop landing. There’s a trailer-like office up here. Go inside, and you’ll find the Hazmat Suit on a pile of boxes.

  • NOTE: If the Hazmat Suit is not there, it probably means another player has collected it already. Switch servers, then return to the location to collect it. 

The Hazmat Suit is an incredibly useful set of apparel. It will completely protect you against all but the worst environmental radiation. It has lower Armor, so it’s less useful in combat, but if you need to cross dangerous irradiated areas, swim in radioactive water, or grab a treasure at the bottom of a toxic waste dump, this is the perfect set of clothes to put on.