Pokemon Let’s Go: Where To Catch All Legendary Pokemon | Locations Guide

Just like with all Pokemon video games, outside of Pokemon Go, there are a number of legendary Pokemon available which players will seek down to add into their collection. These particular Pokemon are sometimes harder to handle and catch so you will want to get a bit of preparation in before you set off to locate, battle and hopefully catch these mythical creatures so let us lend a hand. We’ll provide you with a quick breakdown of all the legendary Pokemon that is found in Pokemon Let’s Go. However, it doesn’t appear that much has changed so if you played the original Pokemon video games then you can find our legendary Pokemon hanging around in the same locations.

Note: After battling you will be able to catch the legendary Pokemon so it’s best that you come prepared with enough Ultra Balls and the appropriate Pokemon party members.



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  • Type: Ice
  • Weakness: Rock & Electric
  • Requirements: Defeat Erika
  • Level: 50


Use surf to reach the Seafoam Islands and you’ll find early on that the waters are rough making it difficult to reach a certain area. You will need to use the strength move to block some of the water flow which is done on the island with two large stones. When both have been dropped, you’ll be able to progress forward to where Articuno resides.

  • Type: Electric
  • Weakness: Ice & Rock
  • Requirements: Defeat Koga
  • Level: 50


Surf by Route 10 and head into Rock Tunnel and go around the Power Plant to find Zapados.

  • Type: Fire
  • Weakness: Rock, Electric & Ice
  • Requirements: All Badges
  • Level: 60


Moltres is one of the last legendary Pokemon you’ll come across. You will need to go through Victory Road and into the cave. Make your way to Officer Jenny and use Strength to move the strength block to reveal stairs. Use them to find Moltres.

  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Bug & Ghost
  • Requirements: All Badges & Defeat Elite Four
  • Level: 70

The last legendary Pokemon you’ll find in the game is Mewtwo who can be caught after you have finished the Pokemon League. Go to the Cerulean Cave and make your way through it to find Mewtwo.

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