Pokemon Let’s Go: Beginner Tips Before You Start | Pokemon Guide

The latest installment to the Pokemon franchise has finally hit store shelves and if you’re looking to once again go out and catch them all then we can offer you some tips. These tips will help you on not only picking the right video game version along with helping you on your adventure.


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Tip #1 Version Exclusive Pokemon

  • Make sure to pick the right version of the game. There are two versions which are either Pikachu or Eevee. Outside of having either Pokemon as your starter, you will also get exclusive Pokemon that can only be caught in the wild within that particular version. We have the version exclusive Pokemon listed in a guide you can view in our list up above. These Pokemon are exclusive to the version but players can still obtain them through Pokemon Go or by trading with other players who have the alternate version.

Tip #2 Get Candy From Prof. Oak

  • Keep in touch with Professor Oak especially if you have extra Pokemon you can send as you’ll receive Candy. Through the use of Candy, players can boost a Pokemon stats.

Tip #3 Talk To NPCs

  • Speak with NPCs when possible as they can give you helpful hints, tips, and even gifts. You can even get a few free Pokemon without having to hunt them down.

Tip #4 No Random Encounters

  • There are no longer random encounters so if you want a Pokemon battle you will have to run into them when they show up on the screen. Just make sure you keep an eye on the stock of PokeBalls in your inventory so you don’t run out unexpectedly.

Tip #4 Mew & Meltan

  • Mew and Meltan are two exclusive Pokemon that can be acquired through specific steps and we have both listed down in our guides above on how to obtain them. Meltan is the newest Pokemon in the franchise which can only be found in Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon Go whereas Mew is an unique and highly beloved Pokemon since its first unveiling in the franchise.

Tip #5 Easy Experience Points

  • Catch Pokemon frequently. Not only can you transfer your spare Pokemon to Professor Oak for free Candy but you’ll also get experience points for every Pokemon you catch. Depending on the Pokemon level and how well you caught the Pokemon will determine the amount of experience points you get but this is a perfect way to level up quickly.

Tip #6 Shiny Pokemon

  • If you’re on the hunt for Shiny Pokemon then you should try to rank up your Catch Counter to increase your chances. We have a guide listed above on how to find Shiny Pokemon and some tips on catching them but overall the best odds is catching the same species of Pokemon over and over to increase your Catch Combo which will give you a better chance of finding a Shiny.

Tip #7 Easy Money

  • Revisit NPCs who give you unique items like Nuggets and Stardust. They will give you the item once per day and they can be used to sell for money. Now you won’t be struggling to pay for more PokeBalls if you’re in a crunch for money.

Tip #8 Prof. Oak’s Aide

  • Speak with Professor Oak’s aide who will appear in different parts of the game. He will often require you to complete a task such as finding fifty unique species of Pokemon for the Pokdex which he will then reward you with different items like a bundle of Ultra Balls.

Tip #9 Pokemon Go Connection

  • As a reminder, you can transfer your generation one Pokemon to the game from Pokemon Go so if you have some strong Pokemon from the app then you can send them into the latest title but just make note that these Pokemon can not be transferred back. You can transfer the Pokemon through the Go Park featured in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Tip #10 Hidden Secrets

  • Your Eevee or Pikachu will wag its tail to indicate when your near a hidden secret like Razz Berries. If you’re nearby the secret item your Pokemon will give out a small indicator.

Tip #11 Alolan Alts

  • If you’re wanting the Alolan alternative generation one Pokemon then speak with the NPCs found in the Pokemon Centers. They will ask to trade Pokemon which will give you the Pokemon Sun and Moon version of the species.

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