Sony’s PlayStation 5 Controller Will Feature A Touchscreen?

There have been rumors and speculation running online for the next generation consoles especially lately due to the current generation consoles nearing the end of its lifecycle. Now that we’re waiting for Microsoft and Sony to really start showcasing what’s in store for the next generation consoles, we may have one indicator as to what the next generation of DualShock controllers will have incorporated. A new patent was discovered that Sony issued last year has recently become available to the public and it seems that Sony is making a big change to their next controller iteration.

Sony’s current controller doesn’t change too much up from the previous DualShock 3. The biggest change would be the touchpad on the front face of the DualShock 4 but for the most part, this component wasn’t the most used feature for video games. Now it looks like that this section of the controller will once again get changed up. Sony may be ditching the touchpad for a touchscreen display according to the patent.

Unfortunately, the patent doesn’t indicate just what Sony has planned for the touchscreen but we could see it displaying useful information for the video game such as notifications or even alerts to keep from displaying on your television. Likewise, perhaps more menu setting options can be quickly activated from the touchscreen display, but this is all purely speculation on our part. Since this is just a patent, it very well could be scrapped with Sony just attempting to cover all the bases for the next generation console hardware.

Currently, there is no indication as to when the PlayStation 5 will be released as the system has yet to be formally announced at any event from Sony.

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