Hitman 2 (2018): Haven Island – The Last Resort | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

The second DLC map for Hitman 2 (2018) sends Agent 47 to the beautiful Maldives where three unsuspecting targets are waiting. Despite the sunny environment and welcoming staff, this is actually one of the trickier maps in the game — there are three targets, and they each have personal bodyguards that follow them through the densely populated resort area.

Instead of hunting them all down, we’re going to take a slightly different approach. My method, which is basically foolproof, is to lure all three targets into the underwater Server Farm and take them out there. The big issue is that this massive room has like a dozen guards and workers roaming around. We’re going to gas them all and hide the bodies one by one.

It sounds absurd, but this method makes killing all three targets pretty simple. You’ll just need a little patience — and some sedative pills to put the non-targets to sleep.

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Haven Island: The Last Resort | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

To unlock Silent Assassin, Suit Only on Haven Island, you’ll need to bring one important item — Sedative Pills. You’ll also need to bring the standard Silenced Pistol for this very straightforward method. My way is a bit time consuming, but it works perfectly. It’s also very safe.

For this method, we’ll kill all three targets at the same time. Instead of splitting up each point by objective, I’ll walk you through the entire process. To get started, we need to reach the Server Farm.

Step #1: Infiltrate The Server Farm

To infiltrate the server farm easily, travel to Tyson William’s large estate. Duck into the bushes, and then scale the wall to the right of the front entrance. Turn on the water spigot outside to distract the waiter, then rush down to the underground bunker entrance.

If you sprint from the start and move quickly, you’ll arrive right as a server worker leaves. You can hide to the left of the door and subdue him. Take his keycard and hide the body inside.

Continue to sneak below, and you’ll find a large control room with three workers. The server room itself is massive and packed with guards. Let’s thin the herd without actually hurting anyone. At least, not too badly.

Step #2: Knock Out Everyone With Sedative Pills

In the control room with the three workers, you’ll be able to gas the entire room with sedative. Before doing that, you’ll want to be extra safe and knock out all three workers. Leave the room through the right door and disable the power switch to draw them out one-by-one. Knock them all out and hide them in the corridor.

Once all three workers are unconscious, you can now interact with the air conditioning unit. Spike the air with sedative pills to knock everyone in the room outside unconscious. Once everyone is out, disable the air conditioning and reset it to clear the air.

Now you’ll need to do something annoying — hide all the unconscious people. There are lockers everywhere, a pair on both sides of the room, along with a freezer in the break room. Hide the bodies in bathrooms, in the locker room, wherever. Just make sure no bodies are easy to spot or this plan is ruined.

Step #3: Sabotage The Servers & Assassinate The Targets

Now for the final stage of the plan. To bring all three targets to the Server Farm, you need to sabotage the servers. There are four exposed server racks — find all four and pull them out. Normally workers would fix these, but seeing as they’re all unconscious, you’re free to mess with them.

After that, go to the security station and use a screwdriver (they’re all over the place in the server farm) to expose an electrical wire. You can also delete the security footage while you’re here.

Now, go to a high vantage point and wait. If you properly hid all the bodies, the targets won’t know what’s up when they arrive with their bodyguards. Eventually, all three will be working together on the security station. Now it’s time to strike.

Remember the exposed wire? Aim and shoot the water cooler with your Silenced Pistol. This will create a puddle that electrocutes all three of them. Now you can simply leave through the opposite secret ladder exit, go through the side door, and leisurely leave the island with your Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge unlocked.