Hitman 3 Berlin: Apex Predator | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Berlin is a daunting map in Hitman 3. This massive club built into a derelict Nuclear Power Plant has been infiltrated by ten ICA assassins. You don’t just have to watch out for the armed guards or the drug-dealing bikers, you also have to watch your back for professional killers hunting you down. You’ll have to identify the disguised agents and pick them off one-by-one.

You only need to take down five, and I believe I’ve found the optimal agents to pick off. If you follow this order, it’s possible to sneak through the sprawling club, locate your targets, and take them out without anyone knowing. It’s important to know that Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenges do allow you to knock out guards — just don’t kill them or put on a disguise.

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Berlin: Apex Predator | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Make sure to start the mission with Agent 47’s Default Suit. Also, be sure to unlock the Biker Basement Door Shortcut before playing this mission.

  • Required Items – Planning Phase:
    • N/A – When starting Suit Only, you start with no equipment.

Objective: Agent #1

The first of five agents is very easy. You’ll encounter the agent outside the Club Holle parking lot. Subdue him in the forest before reaching the parking lot. Hide the body and take the Silenced Pistol and ICA earpiece.

Objective: Agent #2

Use the cracked wall to the right of the guard post to vault and move toward the Back Entrance. Collect the Crowbar on the concrete railway on the way to the Back Entrance, and use it to break open the boarded up window into the Red Toilet. In the maintenance room adjacent to the Red Toilet, grab the Screwdriver.

When he approaches the large crane, throw a coin / screwdriver to distract the target behind the large concrete cylinder. Subdue him and hide the body in the bushes. No need to crush him.

Objective: Agent #3

Sneak down into the Biker Basement Door Shortcut near the Back Entrance. Take the stairs up to Level 2 of the Biker Compound and approach the Sniper Nest.

There are only two guards. Subdue them and hide the bodes, then execute the sniper near the mounted rifle. You can dump his body off the stairwell ledge.

Objective: Agent #4

Finally, let’s go to the Overpass (Level 3) from the Sniper’s Nest. Go south to the rooftops where there are two guards — one patrolling and one standing guard. One of them is an ICA Agent. There’s an interior with stairs on this rooftop overlooking the Chill Out Bar with a dumpster you can hide one of the bodies. Use the Crowbar to open the electricity box and turn off the fuse box to distract the guard.

Subdue the guard and kill the ICA Agent when he wanders north.

Objective: Agent #5

On the ledge above the Chill Out Bar where we subdued the previous agent, there’s a Bag of Bricks you can interact with. Go downstairs through the skylight to find the ICA Agent that patrols under this Bag of Bricks.

Once you identify him, it’s easy — climb back up and push the Bag of Bricks to crush him for an Accident Kill. Now you’re free to leave through any of the normal exits. No tricky timing required when kicking down the bricks. When the ICA Agent is walking from the interior to the exterior area, he’ll always pause for a moment directly under the bag.

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