Hitman 3 Dubai: On Top Of The World | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Suit Only, Silent Assassin is the toughest challenge in Hitman 3. To complete a SASO run, you need to never change your disguise and start the level with your default suit. Then you need to earn Silent Assassin — so you can’t get caught, you can’t kill any non-target NPCs, and you have to take out the target with a stealth kill or an accident kill. If you go for a stealth kill, you also have to make sure the body is never discovered.

Basically, it’s pretty tricky. Pulling off a SASO run takes preparation, and for the first mission Dubai, you’ll need to set some things up first. As stated in the full guide below, you’ll need to unlock a shortcut ladder — these are permanent shortcuts you can unlock in levels. Once a shortcut is opened, it stays open forever. You’ll also need to get yourself a deadly poison to make life so much easier.

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Dubai: On Top Of The World | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Before attempting this Silent Assassin, Suit Only run, unlock the Helipad Shortcut with a crowbar — you’ll find it through the door to the left in the penthouse courtyard.

  • Required Items – Planning Phase:
    • Silenced Pistol
    • Lethal Poison (Unlocked at Berlin Mastery Level 10)

Objective: Marcus Stuyvesant

Start by running to the Level 2 Security Room right at the start of the mission. If you rush, you’ll find Marcus talking to the guards. Wait for Marcus to enter the hallway — you can subdue his personal guard in the hallway, between the Security Room window and the Staff Hallway door. You can hide the body in the Staff Hallway. Just make sure to avoid the roaming guard!

You now have two options. You can shoot the art chandelier in the Art Gallery to crush Marcus, or you can garrote Marcus in the Staff Hallway when he completes another walking loop. If you subdue the single guard in the Staff Hallways, then he doesn’t stand a chance.

Objective: Carl Ingram

To access Carl Ingram in the penthouse, go to the Art Gallery and enter the door to the right of the “Sun” exhibit. In the back hallway, go left and climb the ladder. Collect the crowbar here and then climb up to Level 3 through the interior window. Then exit to the Helipad.

From the Helipad, use the Helipad Shortcut to reach the Ventilation Area. Watch out the NPC and watch for Carl Ingram to visit the Study — the door is right next to the Ventilation Area. When Carl Ingram is away, you can sneak in and poison the drink in the Study. Bring a lethal poison and you don’t need to knock out the guards or NPCs.

  • NOTE: Alternatively, just wait and use a coin / crowbar to draw the guard at the door away — you’ll need to open the door or they won’t hear. Knock him out and hide the body, then finally lure out Carl Ingram. Easy!

From the Ventilation Area, rush to the exit on the opposite side of the Penthouse Courtyard to complete the level. After dropping the poison, you can just go straight to the exit, wait for the notification, and leave. Enjoy your first Suit Only, Silent Assassin reward.

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