Hitman 3: How To Solve The Dartmoor Murder Mystery | “Means, Motive And Opportunity” Guide

Hitman 3 takes a hard swerve in Dartmoor. Right from the start, you’re confronted with a murder mystery to solve — and it’s a tricky one. If you don’t look carefully and search everywhere, you’ll miss out on many different outcomes. You can use evidence to fabricate a suspect, lie about the event, or truly solve the case. We’re going to look into every aspect of the “Means, Motive And Opportuniy” Mission Story for this guide, including how to get all three different suspect endings.

To unlock solutions, you’ll need to create something called a “Viable Suspect” — that means you’ve collected enough evidence to make a convincing case. You’ll need to question the suspects and search the mansion grounds for clues, and clues aren’t always someplace obvious. There’s even a hidden mechanic in this mission that blocks off the “best” solution to the mystery. Let’s put on our thinking caps and crack this mystery.

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Means, Motive And Opportunity | Mission Story Guide

To begin this Mission Story, follow the detective into the manor house — stay in the bushes to the right of the gate, jump the fence, and continue toward the house. Hop through the open window to the right of the entrance and you’ll be able to subdue the detective and replace him.

Now the real fun begins! It’s time to solve a murder mystery. You’ll need to conduct interviews and find all the clues. There are three solutions to the Murder Mystery, so let’s cover how to get all three.

Return to the butler to get the case file. Now we need to talk to all the witnesses to clear their alibis. There are 7 persons-of-interest you need to talk to — the Butler, Gregory Carlisle, Edward Carlisle, Rebecca Carlisle, Emma Carlisle, Patrick Carlisle, and Rosie the Maid. Talk to all of them three times. They’re all located on the ground floor of the manor.

  • Talk to Edward and Gregory to clear both alibis. Talk to Patrick and Rosie in the kitchen to clear his alibi.

Next, let’s clear another alibi by finding all the clues in Rebecca’s Bedroom.

  • Rebecca’s Bedroom (2 Clues)
    • Clue #1: Laptop on the table.
    • Clue #2: Scan the open notebook next to the fireplace.

Now, let’s get into the actual suspects you can accuse. There are three possible solutions.

The Butler Did It (False Solution)

The easiest solution. Talk to the butler, then go to his office on the ground floor near the kitchen. Use a crowbar (find one outside the kitchen next to the green truck) and break in. You’ll find the Master Key inside — it’ll help you solve the rest of the mystery.

  • Mr. Fernsby’s Office (3 Clues)
    • Clue #1: Note on the desk.
    • Clue #2: Diary in the fireplace.
    • Clue #3: Pill in the windowsill.

And that’s it! You can now accuse the butler. He obviously didn’t do it. But you can blame him.

Zachary Killed Himself (False Solution – Best Option)

Next, let’s unlock the Zachary option. He clearly didn’t kill himself, but you can convince Alexa that he did with the following evidence.

  • Zachary’s Bedroom (6 Clues)
    • Clue #1: Note on the table near the fireplace.
    • Clue #2: Laptop on the desk.
    • Clue #3: Scan the body in the bed.
    • Clue #4: Scan the brandy on the bed stand.
    • Clue #5: Use the book on the shelf to the left to reveal a secret room.
    • Clue #6: Collect the note near the one-way glass in the secret room.

You need one more clue piece. Go to the 2F Library and find the secret room entrance. There’s a tiny floor button — collect the Bulldog Cane from Emma’s room to open the door. Collect the note inside the secret room to complete the Zachary solution.

If you select this option, your primary target will kill herself.

Emma Did It (True Solution)

This is the true solution to the mystery. To accuse her, you’ll need more evidence than anyone else. That makes this the hardest solution, but the best. Go to Emma and Gregory’s Room to hunt for clues.

  • Emma and Gregory’s Room (4 Clues)
    • Clue #1: Note on the bed stand.
    • Clue #2: Keychain on the floor, next to the luggage near the fireplace.
    • Clue #3: Cane to the right of the fireplace.
    • Clue #4: Scan the shoes to the left of the fireplace.

Next, let’s go to the Greenhouse.

  • Greenhouse (2 Clues)
    • Clue #1: Pick up the poisonous plants to the left of the broken machine.
    • Clue #2: Scan the book on the table.

Now you have all the evidence. Emma is a viable suspect.

And that’s it! Talk to the butler and meet Alexa in her office. Depending on your choice, you can request the information file for your second objective. There are a few more clues you can find — there’s a note in the Trophy Room, papers in the Dining Room, a painting in the Waiting Room, and footsteps on the stairs outside the Waiting Room. You can scan these for a little extra info, but it isn’t necessary.

We’ve completed the Murder Mystery with the right answer! This will earn you an automatic Silent Assassin rank. Push her on the balcony — or if you select the Zachary suicide option, she’ll simply kill herself.

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