Hitman 3: How To Complete The “Mile High Drop” Challenge | Dubai Guide

The first mission of Hitman 3 is an impressive one — Agent 47 parachutes onto a futuristic Dubai skyscraper to hunt two more targets. Like any mission, there are multiple ways to take out your targets and complete the mission. But one of the challenges might give you one of the most fun challenges in the game. The “Mile High Drop” isn’t a Mission Story, but it is a totally unique event you can trigger that makes executing both targets easy.

To earn “Mile High Drop” you’ll need to initiate an evacuation protocol that forces both VIPs to jump off the skyscraper with parachutes. With the right preparation, that just makes your life easier. The tricky part is just initiating that evacuation — to do it, you need to find two separate keycards located in two different safes. You’ll need to locate the keycode, and then find the terminals that activate the protocol. It’s a little complicated, so here’s all the detail you need to know.

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Mile High Drop | Dubai Challenge Guide

To get started, you need to acquire two evacuation keycards. There are two safes with a keycard in each.

  • Keycard #1: Located in the Level 2 Security Room — right side of the map.
  • Keycard #2: Located in the Level 3 Security Room — the narrow hall south of the Penthouse Reception.

Safe Passcode: [6 – 9 – 2 – 7]

Get both keycards, then go up to the Penthouse Suite. Use Assassin-Vision to spot a wire connecting two wall-mounted terminals. These are the Evacuation Protocol Card Readers. Use the one upstairs (center room, Level 5) and the one downstairs (near Study, Level 4) to initiate an Evacuation.

Before initiating an evacuation, go to the Outdoor Area at the Penthouse Courtyard and use a crowbar to open the Terrace Shortcut. This is where you’ll want to go after initiating an evacuation.

Start the Evacuation Protocol. The VIPs will go to the helicopter — it isn’t ready to go, so they’ll put on suits and parachute from the Outdoor Area. After initiating an evacuation, go immediately to the Outdoor Area, take the ladder down, and wait on the crane platform for them to jump. Bring a Silenced Pistol or Silenced Assault Rifle — and when the pair of VIPs jump, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

You don’t need to hit the VIPs. You just need to hit their huge parachutes! One shot each will end them for good. Enjoy your “Mile High Drop” challenge completion.

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