Atomic Heart Has A Raytraced Trailer Now Available

Atomic Heart is an action RPG that looks interesting and we’re certainly eager to try it, but news for the game has been somewhat scarce. From what we know the title takes place in an alternative 1955 reality. Set in the still established Soviet Union, the world has advanced years. Players take the role of a mentally-unstable KGB special agent that goes by the name P-3 where you’re tasked with seeking out a manufacturing facility that’s gone silent.

Being an action RPG, players can expect a mixture of combat that revolves around guns to melee weapons. There’s even said to be a crafting system attached where players can upgrade or enhance weapons with makeshift scraps of metal or tools that can be found throughout the game. However, details are scarce with this game but the footage released has us eager to step inside this unusual world. 

Recently, Atomic Heart received a brand new trailer online that showcases raytracing. Here you get a look at the visuals of the game where the light shines and bounces off objects realistically. Unfortunately, it’s only a showcase of the visuals in this trailer so no new details about the premise or what we can expect were unveiled. Although it does offer a small snippet of gameplay footage.

You can watch as seemingly P-3 is using weaponry to battle against robots and mutated creatures. There’s even a supernatural ability tossed in as well which we’re sure we’ll get more insight about from the developers Mundfish as they continue to market the game. For now, we’ll have to wait until sometime later this year to try Atomic Heart out for ourselves.

Source: YouTube