Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains: Untouchable | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Welcome to the final mission of Hitman 3. The Carpathian Mountains aren’t exactly your location — instead, you’re stuck on a speeding train packed with heavily armed mercenaries. By its nature, this is the most linear level in the series. It’s also pretty tricky to complete without swapping outfits. If you feel like shooting your way through this stage, that’s totally an option — but you won’t get that sweet, sweet SASO completion.

This is the worst of both worlds. You can’t kill any guards, and you can’t swap uniforms. Instead, you’ll have to make do with one-time-use distractions, breakable tools, and a few tricky paths across the many, many train cars. The mission says you’re allowed to kill Providence Agents, but doing so will instantly fail your Silent Assassin check. If you’re stuck and need a little help making it through the level, we’ve got step-by-step in-depth instructions.

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Carpathian Mountains: Untouchable | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

This is the final level of the game, and it’s much more linear. Because of that, our guide goes into greater detail for how to reach the end without changing disguises. You can’t bring any items into this level, and you don’t need to unlock the shortcuts.

After waking up, subdue the scientist and sneak by the next two. Use the code 1-9-7-9 on the keypad and take the Rusty Crowbar to escape the lab. Step onto the edge and walk forward, jump onto the train roof and drop down onto the area with a patrolling Providence Guard.

  • NOTE: Rusty items will break after one use. Use and save them carefully!

Hide and knock out the Providence Guard in the train car you just walked over. Go inside and vault to the back of the room to get another Rusty Crowbar. Use it on the crate closer to the exit door to gain a Fuse Cell.

Enter the next train car ahead. Get the Valve Handle in the back of the train car and use it to open the ceiling grates. Climb up and cross the roofs, dropping down onto another flatbed. Grab the Brick before climbing the ladder on the gas container.

Drop down off the gas container and collect the Rusty Screwdriver before going inside. Use the window to the left of the locked door to get by. There’s also a Rusty Old Nail in the interior car. In the room with three guards, exit through the left window and walk along the exterior ledge to get by them.

Reaching the Passenger Car, wait for the patrolling guard to turn and use the Rusty Screwdriver on the locked door. Exit out the window and walk along the exterior to reach the front of the Passenger Car.

Ahead, you’ll enter a train car with a Crafting Station. Here, you can create the HWK21 Pale Homemade Silencer pistol if you picked up a pistol from any of the subdued guards on the way.

The next Seating Car has three Providence Guards. If you unlocked the Shortcut door, grab the two guns inside. Leave one on the ground for the patrolling guard to collect — he’ll leave the room. While he’s gone, throw a brick to distract one of the two guards. Throw a can at the remaining guard and subdue the second. When the room is clear, rush to the next car and subdue the patrolling guard as he returns.

  • NOTE: Don’t miss the Passenger Car Key on the small table to the right of the exit window.

Use the Passenger Car Key to unlock the door in the next Passenger Car. When you’re ready, turn off the Fuse Box in this small room. Knock out the guard that investigates and hide him in the cupboard.

In the Pool Table Car, fire you Silenced Pistol at the wall under the window you can climb out of. This will distract the guard leaning against the right wall — drop a gun (collected from a downed guard) behind the wall so he sees it. He’ll leave the room to deposit the gun, leaving just one guard behind. Knock out the last guard with a thrown Brick or distract him and subdue him. Make sure to hide the body!

Continue into the Bar Car. Vault through behind the counter and exit through the back-right window. You’ll pass by two more guards and reach another Passenger Car. Use the right window at the start of the car to reach a passenger booth with a sleeping guard. Grab the Rusty Nail, then exit through the door and hop out of the window. If you’re fast, you’ll get through without raising an alarm.

Ahead, you’ll reach an Armory Car. Use the exterior ladder to reach the roof, then climb down the side on the left. Climb back up onto the roof and you’ll reach a Flatbed Car. Climb over the container and you’ll drop down to find a guard near a Fuse Box. Collect the Fuse Cell and the Rusty Screwdriver.

Sneak by the guard and climb the ladder across the next car. The Flatbed Car ahead is packed with soldiers — wait for the patrolling guard to turn away, then use the Fuse Cell on the Fuse Box to stun everyone in the area.

Run through and hide in the Storage Car — there’s a container you can enter to wait out the search phase. Subdue the Commander in this car, hide the body, and then go to the final Flatbed Car packed with mercenaries. If you have a second Fuse Cell, use it here. If you don’t, collect a Rusty Crowbar and use it on the wall-mounted metal box to get one. Use the Fuse Box to flash all the guards here and run by!

Ahead, you’ll reach the Executive Suite Car. The guards here are wearing suits. Knock out the guard at the end of the hall with a brick, can or hammer and hide the body in the bathroom.

In the Server Car, puncture the Water Cooler with a Screwdriver. You’ll get the guard’s attention — while he’s cleaning up the water, sneak by to the Office Car. Rush by the worker right through the door and stay low to avoid being spotted. The last two workers near the exit door are a problem — throw a hammer at the first to knock him unconscious, then distract and subdue the second worker. The little partition between the desks is enough to block their view of each other.

Finally, we’ve finally arrived at Arthur Edwards’ Car. Use the Emergency Lever to detach the rest of the train. Now you don’t have to worry about any bodies being discovered! Kill Arthur Edwards, hit the Emergency Brake, and you’ll have completed this mission.

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