Hitman 3: How To Get The Secret Ending | A New Father Challenge Guide

Hitman 3 has a story to tell. More than any other game in the series, there are twists and betrayals and honest-to-god events. Even our boy Agent 47 gets a little more characterization and motivation this time around. It isn’t just the Mission Stories either, there are cutscenes and characters to interact with both inside and outside missions. It’s kind of a surprise for longtime fans like me.

And the biggest shocker of all comes at the very end. There’s a hidden ending waiting for players with a little patience. This secret ending is tied to a challenge and an achievement / trophy, so if you’re aiming for 100% completion this is totally worth finding. It isn’t just an ending either, it’s an Easter egg referencing the very first game in the series. Now that’s interesting!

Needless to say, we’re getting into big spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you’re waiting to check out the normal ending for yourself!

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At the very end of the Carpathian Mountains: Untouchable mission, Agent 47 will encounter the leader of Providence Arthur Edwards. Before killing your target, there’s a quick cutscene where he offers Agent 47 a serum that will wipe his memories — essentially turning him back into a weapon from the start of the game.

Most of us thought this option was completely impossible. But, it turns out you can choose to do it under very specific circumstances.

  • How To Get The Secret Ending:
    • After the cutscene with Arthur Edwards is over in the Carpathian Mountains mission, you’ll be able to eliminate him while he’s facing the mirror.
    • To get the alternate ending, pick up the serum off his desk and wait for 60 seconds.
    • After time passes, an option will appear. Press [R2 / RT] to inject yourself.

Performing this hidden ending completes the “A New Father” challenge and unlocks the “Count Down From 47” achievement / trophy. The ending itself is a reference to the very beginning of the series — it starts with dialogue lifted from the very first game, with Arthur Edwards speaking lines originally given to Dr. Ort-meyer, the creator of 47 and his clones.

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