Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC – How To Solve The Rune Doors & Unlock The Parry Blueprint | Secret Guide

There’s always one more secret to find in Dead Cells, and the Fatal Falls DLC has two big ones. We’ve already covered the hidden island in the Fractured Shrines, now we’re talking about those mysterious rune doors in the Undying Shores. In the second biome of the DLC add-on, there are three doors with two runes above each. Choosing the wrong door locks you out forever, and only one of these doors can be opened.

Like everything else in Dead Cells, which door you need to open is completely randomized after each run. You’ll have to solve the puzzle a different want to earn the powerful Cocoon shield blueprint which gives you an on-demand parry. The guide below explains exactly how to unlock the doors — it isn’t so hard once you know what to look for.

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To unlock the Cocoon Power Skill, you need to enter a special door located in the Undying Shores, the second area of the Fatal Falls DLC. Deep in the Undying Shores, there is a set of three doors with runes marking each one.

  • How To Solve The Rune Door Puzzle: Two of the doors are false. If you open the wrong door, all three doors will lock. To pick the correct door, you need to search the Undying Shores for tapestries with the correct runes. Find the two rune symbols on the violet tapestries around the level.

Once you’ve explored the level and noted the correct runes, you can interact with the door and enter a vault containing the Cocoon blueprint. The blueprint gives you a parry shield — activating it generates a small shield around your character that deflects projectiles and parries any parry-able attack.

The shield will parry / deflect in all directions, and stuns — if you successfully parry, the shield will instantly recharge, allowing you to use it again. Once you learn how to use the Cocoon shield, it can become one of the most useful skills in the game.

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