Dead Cells: All Secret Key & Blueprint Locations | Gardener’s Keys, Architect’s Key & More

Not all blueprints are randomly generated in Dead Cells. A select few are hidden in secret areas — and those secret areas always appear on certain maps, every single time.

Some of them are easy; you’ll find a blueprint in a hidden spot right at the start of the Promenade of the Damned, or in a crawlspace to the left of the cell where you respawn. Others are a lot more complicated — getting all three Gardener’s Keys requires a full set of all four runes.

Some of these blueprints are only okay, while others are incredibly powerful weapons you don’t want to miss. Follow the instructions below, and you’ll find these secrets even in the randomly-generated dungeons. It’s all random, but these blueprints and blueprint locations are identical.

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All Secret Blueprint Locations | Gardener’s Keys, Architect’s Key & More

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more secret blueprints to the list as they’re discovered.]


Secret Blueprints are special Blueprints that are always found in the exact same place in every instance of a particular map. To get these Blueprints, you’ll need to reach hidden areas or find secret keys. After collecting a Blueprint, take it to the Cell Forge to officially collect it. If you die before turning in the blueprint to a Cell Forge, you’ll lose it and have to recollect it later.

  • Explosive Crossbow Blueprint:
    • Promenade of the Damned: Always located in a building with three locked doors. The doors require special, hidden Gardener’s Keys.
      • Gardener’s Key #1: Look for a Ram Rune secret floor, somewhere on the surface of the map.
      • Gardener’s Key #2: Found at the top of a tall tower. Requires the Spider Rune to reach the top.
      • Gardener’s Key #3: Look for a red rose in a pot somewhere on the map. Slam the ground with the Ram Rune three times to make the key spawn.
  • Counter Shield Blueprint:
    • Stilt Village: In the Stilt Village, you’ll need to acquire to Village Keys to progress. The middle locked door can be skipped with the Spider Rune — so you can acquire two Village Keys in “Key” doors and only use one, required to exit the area.
      • The Counter Shield Blueprint is located in a hidden room, through a false wall, that requires one Village Key to access.
  • Parting Gift (Mutation) Blueprint:
    • Graveyard: At the end of the graveyard, you’ll locate a locked door that requires the Architect Key. The Architect’s Key is always hidden in a secret wall rune. To spot a wall rune, look carefully at every wall until you see a glowing rune. Attack it to break it open.
  • Acceptance (Mutation) Blueprint:
    • High Peak Castle: Through a secret wall you can roll through, you’ll find a room that requires three Moonflower Keys. These unique keys are accessed in different areas, in locked room that require Gardener’s Keys. To get the three Gardener’s Keys, check the entry above for “Explosive Crossbow”. To access all three areas, must have completed the game 3 times (3 Boss Cells) and can access the 3 Boss Cell Doors.
      • Moonflower Key #1: Ramparts – In a secret room (through a hidden wall) that requires a Gardener’s Key.
      • Moonflower Key #2: Graveyard – In a secret room (through a hidden wall) that requires a Gardener’s Key.
      • Moonflower Key #3: Forgotten Sepulcher – In a secret room (through a hidden wall) that requires a Gardener’s Key.