Dead Cells: How To Find Keys & Cash In The Promenade | Secrets Guide

Dead Cells is yet another early-access rogue-lite on Steam, but with a combination of tight 2D combat and platforming, it’s getting a little bit of attention as it’s (almost) completed by the developers. Thanks to a few recent updates, this punishingly tough adventure is a little easier thanks to some bonuses in the second zone — called the Promenade of the Condemned.

Most of the time, everything you’ll encounter in the world of Dead Cells is randomly generated. Each of the zone layouts is spawned-in as you start your trek into the unknown. That isn’t the case for the Promenade of the Condemned. Here, in this hub area, your hero can find bonus keys and extra cash before delving into the dungeon proper. It’s a nice bonus, and it’s something you can grab on every single run.

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How To Find Keys & Cash In The Promenade | Secrets Guide

Before hunting down these secrets, you’ll need two runes; the Spider Rune and the Belier Rune. Once you have both, you can access all the secrets in this area. There are three hidden keys, and three hidden money stashes.

  • Gardener’s Keys: Find all three keys to unlock three doors in the Promenade that lead to a chest. The chest contains a bow — if you’ve already collected the bow, the chest will contain money.
    • Key #1: On the upper level, look for a flower on the ground. Ground stomp the flower until the key pops out of the ground.
    • Key #2: Use the Spider Rune inside the tall tower interior on the surface. When you reach the top of the interior, you’ll find the key.
    • Key #3: Look for a breakable floor and smash through using the Belier’s Rune. Underground, you’ll find the key.

Along with keys, you can also find three money stashes.

  • Cash Stash #1: The first secret cash stash is located directly above the entrance of the zone.
  • Cash Stash #2: Ride the elevator up at the top-right corner of the zone. At the top, drop off the left ledge to find secret cash.
  • Cash Stash #3: The last secret stash is above the top of the elevator. Use the Spider Rune to climb up the cliff above the elevator to find the cash.

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