Dead Cells: How To Unlock The Caverns & Fight The Giant | New Boss Location Guide

Remember that weird, interesting giant that greets you at the start of every session of Dead Cells? Well, now you get to fight something like him in the new ‘Rise of the Giant’ update. Including lots of new end-game content. You’ll be able to explore a mysterious crystal mine and take on an entirely new boss — it’s exactly what Dead Cells needs. And there’s finally a point to the Graveyard!

The real point of this update is to expand the world of Dead Cells, so if you’re like me, your first question was — how do I fight the Giant? It’s a little complicated, but totally doable for just about any average Dead Cells player like me. If you can complete the game once and defeat the Hand of the King, then you can reach the Giant and have yourself an epic battle.

For help defeating the Hand of the King and completing your first cycle, check out our 10 Dead Cells completion tips guide. Even if you’re a newbie, there are certain tactics you can use to easily overcome any obstacle.

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How To Unlock The Caverns & Fight The Giant | New Boss Location Guide

The new boss, ‘The Giant’, is located past The Caverns — a new area added in the update. Before you can get started on this quest, you’ll need to complete the game once and defeat the Hand of the King.

  • Requirements: Defeat the Hand of the King 1 time.

As long as you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

Step #1: Get The Cavern Key

After defeating the Hand of the King, you’ll respawn at the start of the map. This time, the Giant will awaken and smash through the door past your first item selection.

Follow the Giant, and you’ll get a short cutscene — you’ll be able to find the Cavern Key past the hole in the Prisoner’s Quarters after the cutscene. This key is required to unlock the Cavern door in the Graveyard.

Step #2: Reaching The Cavern

The Cavern is accessible from an optional area called The Graveyard. If you haven’t reached this area yet, you’ll need to unlock it next.

To reach the Cavern, you’ll need to follow one (of several) routes to the Graveyard. 

  • Prisoner’s Quarters -> Vine Rune to Toxic Sewers -> Ram Rune to Ancient Sewers -> Insufferable Crypt
  • Prisoner’s Quarters -> Promenade of the Damned -> Ramparts (3 Boss Cell Door) -> Insufferable Crypt

In the Insufferable Crypt, you’ll need to defeat the Conjuctivius boss — a giant eyeball creature that’s pretty challenging, even if you’ve completed the game.

From the Insufferable Crypt, you’ll be able to access the Graveyard. This area is only available from the Insufferable Crypt.

Once you’re in the Graveyard, simply use the Cavern Key to unlock the door leading to the Caverns.

Step #3: Fight The Giant

Once you’ve reached the Caverns, you’re almost ready to face the Giant. Reach the end of the Caverns to access the Guardian’s Haven. That’s where you’ll fight the Giant boss.

Once the Giant is defeated, a secondary entrance to the Caverns will unlock in the Slumbering Sanctuary.

For beating the Giant, you’ll unlock the ‘Giant Killer’ sword, which inflicts criticals on bosses / elites. You’ll also get a 5th Boss Cell and 5 Giant Outfits.