Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC – How To Access All The New Areas | Fractured Shrines, Undying Shores Locations

The Fatal Falls DLC for Dead Cells adds three new biomes — the Fractured Shrines, the Undying Shores, and the Mausoleum. Most of the areas are pretty straightforward, but the Undying Shores has a weird lock that isn’t entirely obvious. If you’re stuck and want to fight the new Scarecrow boss waiting in the Mausoleum, then this is how to get there.

Dead Cells is a fast and frantic rogue-like where death sends you to the beginning of the ever-changing dungeon. Frequent updates have expanded the game, giving you multiple different routes and paths to reach the challenging final boss — lots of ways to power-up and prepare while hunting down the best gear imaginable. It’s a blazingly fast game that gives you some truly overpowered tools if your luck is right. Maybe that’s the sign of a truly great roguelike.

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How To Access All New Locations | Fatal Falls DLC

The Fatal Falls DLC includes three new optional areas for you to access and explore, giving you a central route to High Peak Castle or the Derelict Distillery. There’s a new boss waiting at the end. This path is pretty straightforward, and can be accessed from either of the first boss paths.

How To Reach Fractured Shrines

The Fractured Shrines can be accessed via an elevator after defeating the boss at Black Bridge or the Nest. Take the elevator to begin this side-path. The Fractured Shrines lead to the Undying Shores.

How To Reach Undying Shores

To unlock the door to the Undying Shores in the Fractured Shrine, you just need a body or a Cultist Outfit. To use a body, find a cultist dead body in the Fractured Shrine and then throw your head at the body to possess it. While possessed, go to the door with two statues to unlock the path.

NOTE: You must complete the game at least once to unlock the ability to throw your disembodied head.

How To Reach The Mausoleum

Finally, the Undying Shores lead straight to the Mausoleum. The Mausoleum is where you’ll encounter the new DLC boss — the Scarecrow!

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