Cyberpunk 2077: Destroy Everything With This Hilarious Heavy Machinegun Trick

This isn’t quite a bug, and it isn’t quite an exploit, but I seriously doubt this weird trick was intending in Cyberpunk 2077.

At a certain Body attribute level, you can rip turrets right out of the sockets and walk around with the heavy cannon. This cannon is extremely powerful — one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and using it is insanely fun. But like most games, huge super heavy weapons can’t be reloaded. Until players found this absurd trick.

Now you can use it wherever you want. And this really isn’t a cheat. You aren’t going to corrupt your save files with this.

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The trick is very simple. You just need Body 7/8/9 attribute to pull an HMG from a turret and a vehicle. After pulling the HMG, you can interact with an vehicle stash — use the trunk — to place items. You can store the HMG in the vehicle inventory.

After placing the HMG in the vehicle stash, you can drive around with it and use it anywhere. Removing it refills the ammo completely — so you can keep a fresh stock of 300 bullets in the magazine, essentially making this into a semi-permanent weapon. It’s heavy so you can’t hold it in your inventory, but you can stash it.

  • To replenish ammo, just save and reload while the HMG is in the car stash.

Was this intended? Probably not. And the ammo refills whenever you recollect it, which is probably a quirk of the weapon where it has full ammo whenever you pick it up. This probably works just because the designers never predicted a player taking the HMG to their apartment stash — and overlooked that you’ve got a stash riding around with you all the time.

None of that really matters anyway. What matters is that you’ve got infinite ammo for a super machinegun that blows people up with each shot. That’s as Cyberpunk as it gets.

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