Cyberpunk 2077: How Romance Works | All Love Interests & Companions Guide

Romance doesn’t mean much in the twisted world of Cyberpunk 2077. Most of the characters you’ll encounter are up for a quickie — but a few of them are long term companions you can create lasting relationships with. Here, we’re going to talk about every character in the game that has their own romantic courtship storyline.

These relationship options are locked to specific genders (which is kind of an antiquated notion in the sci-fi future but it’s part of the game) so you might want to spoil yourself just so you can plan your character creation accordingly. All of these characters can become close partners to the player character, but you might have the chance to make them into more-than-just-friends… if you get my drift.

All Male & Female V Partners | Romance Options Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more details! We’ll list any other characters you can sleep with here — there are a lot of them!]

Romance is pretty straightforward in Cyberpunk 2077. If you meet one of the following partners, make sure to follow these common goals to get them on your side.

  • In conversations, always ask them as much as possible about themselves. Learn everything you can.
  • Treat them well. Don’t be a jerk, and don’t try to screw them over. Treat them like a friend first — and a lover second.
  • Try to complete objectives to benefit them — this is especially true in minor missions that may end in a quick fling.
  • Complete any missions they give you. You’ll get them often, so complete their requests and check on their messages.
    • Don’t forget to answer their texts!
  • Only offer to sleep with them once they make the first move. It’s basically a universal turn-off in this game to do otherwise.

It’s very simple. There’s no weird tricks here — you don’t get married, and there are dozens of random characters you can hookup with briefly. It’s just a one-time thing, and even the scenes with the main characters aren’t as explicit as the marketing suggests.

There’s no timer to respond to these characters, so you can complete romance side-quests at your leisure.

Judy Alvarez

  • Requirements: Lesbian — Female V.

Encountered at the start of the game in Act 1. She appears as a plot-important NPC for “The Heist” core mission. She doesn’t become a love interest until Act 2, “Disasterpeace” — completing this mission, if you’re close enough, you’ll be invited to her place and can continue.

Judy is a Braindance programmer at Lizzie’s Bar, and a member of the Moxes Gang. She is the sole lesbian romance option in the game.

Meredith Stout

  • Requirements: Straight — Male V. Corporate+

Meredith is a Militech Exec you meet early in the game — and she featured prominently in the early mission walkthrough videos in the game’s promotional material. If you help her accomplish Militech’s objectives, she’ll offer to sleep with you. As a tryst, she will become romantic with either V.

River Ward

  • Requirements: Straight — Female V.

A big bruiser of a man that becomes available after completing the Act 2, “I Fought The Law” side-quest. The Elizabeth Peralez quest-giver will send you on this side-quest, so don’t skip it if you’re looking for male companionship.

Panam Palmer

  • Requirements: Straight — Male V. Nomad+

Panam is a tough lady you’ll find in Act 2, “Ghost Town” — she can’t be missed, but you can wreck your relationship if you don’t treat her right. She’s a traditional woman, and prefers someone that isn’t so forward. Offer to be her friend first and she’ll eventually warm up to you… if you complete all of her companionship missions.

Alt Cunningham

  • Requirements: Bisexual — Male V / Female V.

The only character that you’ll encounter and can romance simply by completing her core quests. More info coming soon.

Kerry Eurodyne

  • Requirements: Gay — Male V

A former member of the Samurai, and a rich member of society living in North Oak. Complete his side-quests to begin his companion quests. More info coming soon.

He is the one sole male gay romance available in the game.


  • Requirements: Bisexual – Male V / Female V.

Follow the Johnny Silverhand side-quests to eventually warm up to Rogue. A hitwoman and current owner of the Afterlife Bar, Rogue used to be involved with Johnny Silverhand and his raid on the Arasaka Corporation.

[More coming soon! We’ll check every corner to see what other major characters you can get tangled up with.]

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