Cyberpunk 2077: All The Witcher Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far | Ciri, Roach, Smuggler’s Caches & More

You can’t keep a good Witcher down — or away from cameos in future games. The Witcher series turned CD Projekt Red into a globally recognized super-studio, and Cyberpunk 2077 is their huge new open-world RPG that has nothing to do with Geralt, Ciri, or any of those dark fantasy characters. Nothing except for lots of Easter eggs referencing their monumental success with The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

There are Witcher outfits you can wear, Ciri magazine covers, and a true Easter egg in the form of a Smuggler’s Cache joke — designed to comment on players hatred of those annoying, annoying caches that were never worth tracking down. All of these little references are 100% worth finding, even if you won’t find a time-travelling Ciri hidden in the game. Not yet, at least.

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Witcher 3 Smuggler’s Cache Easter Egg

To find this ridiculous Smuggler’s Cache Easter egg, go to the long pier in the northwest of Pacifica, Coastview — there’s a very long pier with a Cyberpsycho quest. Run along the pier until you find stairs leading to a floating platform on the right side.

Down below, there’s a dead body with a note. The note laments all the frustration trying to find all of the Smuggler’s Caches — he only has one left to find. And we’re going to find it too. The clue is in the note.

“…find the cache with the question mark. It’s under the southernmost pillar of the NC ringroad overpass that joins Heywoord to Pacifica.”

Swim toward the overpass above the water from the platform. It’s the nearest one! There are three barrels with loot boxes floating under the water. There’s nothing special in these boxes — just like all the Smuggler’s Caches from Witcher 3. They all showed up as question marks on the map, and you can see a “?” on the barrels.

Roach, Nilfgaard, And The Wolf School Easter Eggs

In addition to the Smuggler’s Cache Easter Egg, you’ll also find arcade booths called “Roach Race” — Roach is the Witcher’s trusty horse from Witcher 3. These arcade machines are everywhere. There’s even a cheeky reference in the ads for something called “Milf Guard”… which is awfully close to the country of Nilfgaard from the Witcher series.

In the Witcher, there are multiple schools that produce new Witchers — monster hunters, basically. And Geralt, the main character of the series, is from the Wolf School. If you pre-ordered, you got your very own Wolf School jacket, which is patterned off the armor set from the Witcher series… just with a slick cyberpunk edge.

Ciri’s Retro Gaming Cameo

And finally we have a Ciri Easter egg. This secret reference is very, very easy to miss. She appears on the cover of a retro gaming magazine, but only in the Corpo starting path. If you selected Corpo, make sure to visit your work station and check your office computer before leaving the building. When you sit at your desk, you can choose to check your drawer. Inside, if you look closely, you can spot Ciri on the cover of the magazine.

The developers stated that there would be no Witcher 3 cameos in the game. It isn’t exactly a full-fledged NPC, but this is still something. Witcher 3 did win plenty of Game of The Year awards, so it makes sense the game is still appreciated in the year 2077.

Are there more Witcher Easter eggs in Night City? We’ll add them here when we find them!