Cyberpunk 2077: Where To Find Skippy, The Annoying Talking Gun | Iconic Gun Location Guide

Who doesn’t want a gun that can talk to you? Skippy is one of the most unique iconic weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 — and anyone can get him. This special weapon scales to match your level, so it gets stronger (or weaker) depending on your current level. You’ll have to get off the beaten path to acquire him, but he’s totally worth it.

Skippy is an AI program installed into a Smart Pistol, and you get to choose what he shoots. He can aim exclusively for the legs or blast people in the head for maximum damage. It’s a powerful little gun, and Skippy has a lot to say while you go on a machinegun rampage through Night City. It might be a pistol, but it fires like an SMG.

Check out the quick guide below for weapon stats and the map location.

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Go to Vista Del Rey, Heywood and check the side-gig located in the southwest edge of the sector. There’s a dead-end alley you’ll need to climb into with a dead body.

The body has a special iconic gun called “Skippy” — picking it up begins the quest. You’ll speak with the gun! It has a hologram and an experimental AI that talks to you, making it one of the most unique weapons in the game.

After a short discussion, Skippy will ask you to choose from two different modes.

  • Stone Cold Killer: Always aims for the head.
  • Pacifist: Always aims for the legs.

Skippy loves to talk — whenever you run, shoot, or reload he’ll say something different. Reloading is lewd, with him asking for “more” — and he whistles a little song when you’re running around.

FYI: It’s a trick! Choose the opposite mode that you want.

If you want a nonlethal weapon, choose “Killer”, and if you want a headshot super gun, choose “Pacifist” — you’ll have to use the mode you selected for the duration of the quest, but after you complete it the gun will automatically swap to the opposite mode. That’s the mode you’ll be stuck with for the rest of the game. Choose wisely!

And the quest? It’s kind of secret. Your goal is to neutralize 50 enemies with Skippy equipped. After you do that, the gun will automatically switch modes to the opposite.

  • Skippy | Iconic Gun Stats
    • Smart Pistol
    • 18-22 Damage
    • Smart: Homes in on targets with self-guided micro-projectiles.
    • +13-16 Electrical Damage
    • +12% Crit Chance
    • +19.63% Crit Damage
    • +6% Shock Chance
    • 2 Headshot Damage Multiplier
    • Scales to the user’s level.

Remember, you need to instal Smart-Targeting cyberware if you want to use the Smart-Targeting feature on the gun. You can purchase an upgrade at any Ripperdoc. They go for 9,000+ if you visit Vik. Though in my testing, the smart-targeting feature still seemed to work — maybe it’s just that Skippy AI doing its magic.