Cyberpunk 2077: Here’s Where You’ll Find Hideo Kojima | Easter Egg Guide

The creator of the Metal Gear Solid series has been immortalized in Cyberpunk 2077 — and you can even find his little buddy BB, the Bridge Baby from Death Stranding! Hideo Kojima is hidden in Act 1, and he’s actually pretty easy to miss. One wrong decision basically blocks him off forever. So if you’re a fan, or just want to meet up with this legendary developer in the virtual world of Night City, here’s where and how to find him.

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In Act 1, you’ll start a mission called “The Heist” with your companion Jackie. With Jackie, you’ll go to a restaurant and have two options.

  • Gonna have a look around.
  • Room — let’s go.

Select the “Gonna have a look around.” option. If you select “let’s go” you’ll immediately skip ahead and miss this little scene in the restaurant. Inside, go to the back-right booth and you’ll find the man himself sitting, surrounded by friends. It’s Hideo Kojima’s face slapped onto a digital body.

Listen to his conversation, and you’ll learn he’s a Braindance developer from Tokyo that wants to bring real emotions to the “scrolls” — which is just a cyberpunk way of saying he’s trying to convey more emotion in his video game storytelling. Considering how much everyone cries in Death Stranding, I can say he’s at least achieved a portion of his goal.

This isn’t the only Hideo Kojima Easter egg in the game either. You can find BB — the Bridge Baby — in all his oddly cute glory. Into Act 2, you’ll find a mission called ‘The Hunt’. Follow it and it’s possible to find the little spud in the NCPD lab. It even states that he can detect BTs!

There’s another Easter egg in a taxi-related side-mission that’s literally impossible to miss. You’ll encounter a GLADOS reference from Portal 2 — so, yes, this game is packed with video game Easter eggs. We’ll try to find them all, so wish us luck.