Death Stranding Wiki | Hidden Rewards, Boss Strategies, Secrets & More

Death Stranding is an extremely dense game, and it’s available now on PC. Even if you’ve played this stellar game’s original release on PS4, there’s a lot you probably don’t know. After playing for 50+ hours, we released a whole lot of guides and articles all about the weird stuff Death Stranding doesn’t really explain, and to commemorate this weird wonder’s multi-platform debuts, here’s every guide all collected in one easy-to-browse location.

So what is Death Stranding? It’s a survival and traversal game, where crossing huge swathes of land isn’t exactly easy, and where the logistics of carrying a whole lot of crap on your back become integral. There are enemies to fight, monsters to avoid, and terrorists to stop — but most of your gameplay is about solving environmental puzzles. Can I safely cross this raging stream? Can I climb this rocky hill without losing all my stuff?

It’s a little more interesting than it sounds. Scroll down to find all the guides we’ve ever written — all for Death Stranding.

General Guides

Unlockables Guides

Advanced PCC Projects Guides

Combat & Resource Guides

Story Quests & Easter Eggs Guide

That’s everything we wrote back in November, 2019 — is there something we missed? Contact us and we’ll offer up more Death Stranding knowledge for the new PC players.