Death Stranding: How To Fight BTs With Your Bodily Fluids | Survival Guide

Imagine this is a shower.

BTs are the deadly invisible threat you’ll face while exploring the vast open-world wilderness in Death Stranding. When you encounter black rain, you’re sure to stumble into deadly BTs that can sense noise. Sure, you can use Hermetic Grenades to kill them, but if you’re looking for free approach, you can use all of Sam Porter’s various bodily fluids.

There are three bodily fluids you can collect and weaponize against BTs in Death Stranding. They’re increasingly gross, so maybe it’s better I leave the full explanation below. Just know that a restroom is 100% involved. The best part of these non-lethal tools? They’re totally free, and you basically have an endless supply if you’re willing to wait.

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How To Fight BTs With Your Bodily Fluids | Survival Guide

At a certain point in the story, Heartman will contact Sam with an offer to collect his bodily fluids — specifically, it’s very early in the story, and it isn’t quite clear what he means.

This is what he means: depending on how you use the restroom in the Private Room, you can earn one of three different EX Grenades that are effective at scaring away BTs. You can select to ‘Take A Shower’, ‘Use Toilet (Standing)’, or ‘Use Toilet (Sitting)’.

There are three different types of EX Grenades. EX Grenades #0, Ex Grenades #1, and EX Grenades #2 — and each is more powerful than the last at repelling BTs. Taking a Shower earns EX Grenades #0, while (naturally) #1 is from ‘Standing’ and #2 is from ‘Sitting’.

The Grenades are available in your Private Locker in whatever settlement you generated them originally. Grab a few and try them out if you’re planning on entering BT-infested areas. It just might make your life easier.

By sleeping in the Private Room, you’ll also earn free Blood Bags. Blood Bags are basically required if you want to use Hermetic Grenades without hurting yourself later.