Death Stranding: How To Use Your Urine To Spawn Tons Of Healing Items | Secrets Guide

Just let it all out, Sam.

I feel like I can’t say this enough, but Death Stranding is an extremely odd game. Case in point — you have a permanent option in your inventory allowing our hero Sam Porter to piss anywhere outdoors. Hilariously, there’s actually a few special mechanics tied to Sam’s bodily fluids. It isn’t just a way to relieve yourself after drinking way too much from the Canteen, you can also use your stream to unlock a ton of healing items for yourself and ever other Porter online.

There’s one healing item you can collect almost endlessly in Death Stranding, but they’re ever-so-slightly rare. The Cryptobiotes are little floating creatures that appear near alien growths. These little maggots are perfectly edible, and give you a refreshing surge of replenishing Blood. If you spot their nest, you can usually grab one or two before the swarm retreats. If you use urine in just the right way, you can get way more of these buggers, and you can earn some Likes in the process.

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How To Use Your Urine To Spawn Tons Of Healing Items | Secrets Guide

Yes, you can use urine to earn lots and lots of healing items. Here’s how it works, and how you can get started — think of it like a community project. Every Porter around the globe, all working together to piss and summon up tons of Cryptobiotes.

First, here’s how to pee: Hold [D-Pad: Right] and select ‘Urinate’. Then, with this action equipped, hold [L2] and [R2] to unleash your stream. You’ll need to drink from your canteen if your bladder is empty. If you don’t see ‘Urinate’ on your radial menu, press [R3].

So, how do you use piss to make tons of Cryptobiotes appear? With the power of community! Piss someone highly visible, like just outside one of the major Distribution Centers. When you urinate on grass, a mushroom will appear on the ground.

The more people urinate in the same spot, the more mushrooms will grow. Eventually, there’s a huge cluster of holographic mushrooms, all in the same spot. You can’t do this alone, you’ll need other players from all around the world to see your urine location and they’ll have to make the choice to urinate there too. If enough people concentrate their pee, everyone will unlock a swarm of Cryptobiotes. They’ll start to spawn once the mushrooms cluster, and if you get a big cluster, you can easily get 10~ healing items.

It’s a gross feature, but a fascinating one. Who would’ve thought urinating in a forest would be so beneficial?