Death Stranding: How To Get Your First Vehicle & Unlock Fast Travel

Taking a spin in the Reverse Trike.

Let’s face it — Death Stranding is a slow game, especially in Episode 2. You’re stuck walking to every location on the map, and there’s no easy way to get back. Thankfully, there are faster modes of travel. Here’s how (and when) you’ll be able to get a bike, and even Fast-Travel that will instantly send you to previously explored locations.

Like everything in Death Stranding, it’s all a little strange. You’ll find a broken bike early on. It doesn’t have power, and it’s extremely rusty. The game doesn’t exactly explain how to repair it, or what you need to do to power it up. Instead of crafting a battery, you’ll need to craft a Generator with the PCC which charges the battery.

Fast-travel is another can of worms. If you’re curious, just keep scrolling for quick answers to these burning questions.

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How To Get Your First Vehicle – Reverse Trike Guide
You can easily carry way more cargo with the Reverse Trike.

The Reverse Trike vehicle is parked outside the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, but you can’t use it right away. This area is accessed in Episode 2, and the vehicle requires a power sources. Once you acquire the power source, the motorcycle will recharge itself automatically.

To get a power source, take the ‘Power Supply Unit Delivery: Wind Farm’ order, available at the Distribution Center after you complete two other orders. You’ll need to finish the order to infiltrate the MULE camp, and complete the Chiron Crystal Collection. After completing the quest, you’ll unlock the ability to fabricate Generator structures with the PCC.

To repair your first vehicle, the Reverse Trike, you need to drive it into a Distribution Center and park it on the circle where you can access your Private Room. When the vehicle is parked, just take it down into your Private Room to automatically repair it.

How To Unlock Fast Travel – Chiral Jump Power

The ability to fast travel becomes available later in the game. In Episode 3: Fragile, you’ll earn it very early — when you reach the first Distribution Center, you’ll travel into the Private Room and talk to Fragile.

There, she’ll explain the situation in the Midwest. She’ll also add a new item to your Private Room. By focusing on the Umbrella, you can select to travel to any major hub connected to the Chiral Network. You can instantly jump back to previous locations to complete quests and increase your Porter ranking!

Obviously this is an incredibly useful skill. Any items you’re currently carrying will be transferred to the specific Distribution Center’s Private Locker, so you can’t take any items with you. It’s still a godsend when travelling from one location to the next is so, so slow.