Death Stranding: How To Build Bridges | Community PCC Projects Guide

Sam Porter’s mission in Death Stranding is to ‘Build Bridges Across America’ — well, we’re taking that mission literally. You can build bridge structures on the massive maps that make travel so much easier, but they’re costly. To get lots of bridges built, you’ll have to help other players online or encourage your comrades to get started.

With bridges, you can cross mission-ending rivers and chasms — and they make travelling with a vehicle so much easier. Out of all the PCC structures, the humble bridge is one of the best. Too bad they’re prohibitively expensive to construct yourself. You can, but if you want to save resources, it’s better to encourage other online players to help.

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How To Build Bridges | Community PCC Projects Guide

At the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, you’ll eventually unlock the ability to build a Bridge from your PCC. This PCC works differently than the rest of the structures — instead of simply placing a structure for everyone to use, the community has to work together to finish construction of bridges.

A bridge requires a huge amount of metal to construct — 800. You’ll need to take out 800 metal resources from the closest Waystation connected to the Chiral Network. Once you place a bridge, or find one placed by another online player, you can add resources to that bridge to finish it.

There are four slots, so you can add metal in large container of 200. It is possible to build a bridge on your own, but it’s even better to build a bridge with your Porter peers — as you progress, you’ll realize there are certain areas that are incredibly annoying to cross.

  • NOTE: Hold [Options] when standing on the first section of the bridge to access the menu. From here you can repair of donate resources to finish the bridge construction.

Locations like canyons or wide rivers with deep water are difficult to cross with vehicles or with lots of cargo. If you place a bridge build site with a PCC, other online players are bound to help you finish it if it’s in a worthwhile area.

I’ve seen bridges placed in completely useless areas. Don’t bother helping those get constructed. Focus on only the most useful bridges, placing them in incredibly handy spots, and work together with friends to earn lots of likes. It’s really simple! All you need is a PCC to get started.

To remove metal resources from any settlement, access the Delivery Terminal and select ‘Claim Materials’. There’s usually a large stock of reserve resources available to collect at any of the USC connected areas.