Death Stranding: How To Clear Out BT Infestations & Earn Lots Of Chiral Crystals

Death Stranding is a world infested with strange monsters. If you’re especially stealthy, there’s one monster you might not see too often — the Apparition. This predatory variant of the standard BT ghosts attacks Sam if you’re pulled into the tar by enemies, forcing you to face off against them in a miniboss battle. It sounds bad, but sometimes it’s better to just fight these things instead of stealthing around them.

These giant creatures suck you into a world of black tar. It’s possible to escape, but you can also stand and fight to clear out an entire BT infestation, making return trips to areas much easier for a short while. These mini-bosses spawn in any BT infested area, and if you’re captured, you’ll have to fight an Apparition. They’re kind of like shark-octopus hybrids.

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How To Clear Out BT Infestations & Earn Chiral Crystals

In any rainy area, you can encounter an apparition. These massive creatures look like shark-squid hybrids, and they attack by charging across the tar. They only appear if you’re caught by BTs, but this essentially ends any stealth — you don’t have to sneak when you can just fight.

If you’re prepared, it’s worth it to just fight these things. Just remember to be prepared — equip two Blood Bags into your Utility Pouch, bring a pair of Hermetic Grenades, and equip an Anti-BT Handgun. You’ll need all of it to win. The Anti-BT Handgun is especially useful. A fully charged shot does massive damage to the apparition.

The creature attacks in a fairly simple pattern. It charges at you, soaking the surrounding area in black tar and slowing your movement. You’ll need to jump onto the debris — there are cars and trucks in the area floating in the tar you can use to avoid getting sucked in. Dodge the creature’s attacks, and shoot the monster with blood.

To do even more damage, look for the red spots on the monster’s body. With the Handgun Lvl. 2, you can swap between standard bullets and hermetic bullets. Hermetic bullets leave red blood spots on the monster — those areas become weak spots against standard lethal rounds. Shoot those spots to deal extra damage to the BT.

Keep a move on, stay out of the black tar. This is just the first of many. Killing it will clear the area of the BT infestation, making it safer to return later. It also leaves behind a treasure trove of Chiral Crystals, so if you’re feeling low, just visit a BT spot and clear the area. It only takes a few minutes, and you can easily restore your ammo by sleeping at a safe house.