Death Stranding: How To Cross The Tar Belt | Late-Game Guide

It’s a long trek to the west coast.

Porters beware, because I’m about to discuss some pretty late-game events in Death Stranding. If you’re still working your way through this very long adventure, then turn back now. If you’re looking for a little help to solve this weird puzzle, then let’s continue.

Very late in the game, on Episode 8: Heartman, you’ll be sent to the far reaches of the Central Region map to link up a destroyed waystation, consumed by a massive black tar belt that’s swallowed up the area. To reach your final destination, Edge Knot City, you’ll need to cross this huge Tar Belt. Amelie, the woman that’s next in line to become president of the UCA, is waiting on the other side, held captive by terrorist.

Reaching Edge Knot City isn’t easy. When you restore the far-flung waystation, Die-Hardman will contact you and task you with crossing the Tar Belt. He doesn’t tell you how, though he will provide you with clues the longer you wait. Below, I’ll provide a few hints before giving the straight-up answer.

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How To Cross The Tar Belt | Late-Game Guide

At the end of your quest to restore the old ruined waystation on the far southwestern edge of the Central Region in Episode 8: Heartman, you’ll be stuck with a puzzle — how do you actually cross the massive tar belt?

Before we give you the answer, think about your past experience. Here’s a few hints.

  • You can’t cross normally. You’ll need some sort of platform to appear.
  • Think about past encounters with massive BTs. What appeared in the tar?
  • What happened when you fought Higgs’ BTs? When did the environment change?

If you still need help, the answer is deceptively simple. If you’ve been very careful and haven’t encountered BTs in combat, then you might have no idea.

To cross the tar belt, you need to walk to the BT field on the tar beach, southwest of the UCA Chiral Relay. Get caught by a BT near the tar ocean, then allow them to pull you over. Don’t hold [R2+L2] to fight them off.

When you’re pulled down onto your back, an invisible tendril will pull you into a massive encounter with a swarm of whale BTs. Buildings from the wreckage will bubble up out of the water. You can use these floating platforms to cross the tar belt. Just keep running! You don’t need to fight these guys, just reach the far, far area across the tar.