Death Stranding: Use This Online Feature To Get More Aid Online | Bridge Link Guide

The Central Region is a desolate, lonely place. You can get extra help just by using a simple online feature.

When you’re Online in Death Stranding, you’ll be able to like and get likes from other players. Randomly, you are making a difference in another player’s game — and they’re making differences in your’s. Whenever you leave a vehicle behind, drop cargo, or build a structure, there’s a chance you’re helping another player.

Some players are extremely good at helping — either by building roads to make travel easier, placing zip-lines for fast-travel around hard-to-navigate locations, placing vehicles in Garages or any other number of ways you can help your fellow porters. If you feel like your game world doesn’t have enough help, there’s a way to get more structures from other players to appear in online. You need to use the Bridge Link system.

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Use This Online Feature To Get More Useful Structures In Your Game

The Bridge Link system is a special feature that unlocks when you reach Bridge Link Level 10. To increase your Bridge Link rank, you need to place helpful structures, or just generally contribute. The easiest way to raise your Bridge Link rank, I find, is to build roads in Episode 3 and beyond.

Once you reach Bridge Link Level 10 — the rankings will only improve after you’ve completed an order — you can access the Bridge Link system. Pause with [Options] and press [D-Pad: Left] to find the new Bridge Link options menu. From there, you can find all the players you’ve interacted with in some way so far.

The trick here is to find players with the most likes. If a player has a lot of likes, it’s likely they’ve been busy placing useful structures. Whether it’s building roads, placing zip-lines, or just putting a ladder in a smart location, these players are making an impact on other porters.

Find the player, then press [Triangle] to enter into a Strand Contract with that player. When you enter in a Strand Contract, you’ll be more linked to that player’s world. You’ll get more Likes (and give more Likes), see more of their lost cargo / equipment, and see more of their structures in the world.

The higher your Bridge Link rank, the most Strand Contracts you can enter into. The more Strand Contracts you enter into, the more useful items, equipment, and structures you’ll see on the map. This is a feature most players are probably ignoring. I know I did for way, way too long. Using this feature can make travel so much easier. Don’t miss out.