Death Stranding: How To Farm For Resources & Build More Roads | Easy Materials Guide

Luxury on the open road. Deliveries are a cinch with a well-connected road network.

Roads are one of the most important structures you can build in Death Stranding. They aren’t just for your own convenience — each road you build is shared with other players, making their adventures that much easier to handle. A maintained road is also a safe place for your Bots to travel. Roads are the safest way to travel, and if you’ve got a vehicle, they’re also the fastest.

Roads add a touch of civilization to the ruined world of Death Stranding. Unfortunately, they’re really tough to build. They cost an exorbitant amount of resources to construct just a single length of road, and you’ll often need 4-6 to connect up the far-flung settlements on the map. You’ll never be able to build them all on your own, but there are ways to facilitate community construction!

That is, by farming and filling up the foundations with tons of easy-to-find resources. This is how to get tons of Metal and Ceramic for your road projects.

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How To Farm For Lots & Lots Of Materials

To build roads, you’ll need a ton of Chiral Crystals, Metal, and Ceramics. Usually, you’ll need about 300~ Chiral Crystals, and 2,000~ for Metal and Ceramics. To reconstruct a road, go to the pre-placed foundation and hold [Options] to access the structure menu. There, you can donate some or all of the materials required.

Any materials donated will remain there permanently, and unlike other structures, roads can’t be destroyed. Once a road has been built, it sticks around for good. Roads provide power so any vehicle or exo-skeleton won’t drain power. You can boost wildly while on a road!

Like everything in Death Stranding, roads are a community project. You don’t have to put all the resources into a road. You can donate a portion of the road, but finishing the construction is better — you’ll earn likes every time someone drives on your road. Your online ranking will skyrocket after building just a few roads.

Steal MULE trucks if you didn’t bring one.

So, how do you get tons of resources for roads? Like everything, there is randomness. But, you’ll want to raid MULE or terrorist camps. These camps are chock full of resources, so I recommend bringing a truck. There are always trucks patrolling these areas — they’re marking in yellow on your map.

Hijack an enemy truck or bring your own. You’ll want to equip a Bola Gun or a Non-Lethal Assault Rifle to clear the area out. This can be done relatively quickly. Just alert the enemies (they’ll scan for you) and sit tight, taking out enemies as they approach. Just remember not to kill them. Killing a human is bad, bad news. You’ll have to burn the body. It’s a huge hassle.

Find a defensible position and start taking out Terrorists to raid their camp.

Along with MULE / Terrorist camps, you’ll also find tons of easy-to-collect resources at Prepper Settlements. These out-of-the-way areas are spots you’ll rarely visit. They don’t have Fast-Travel rooms. You can pillage extra resources from these locations — they’ll usually have 1,000+.

Here’s another little trick you can use to get tons of resources. Search the Shared Locker — sometimes you’ll find stacks of resources, or you can just remove equipment and recycle it for a quick infusion. Frequently visited locations like Distribution Centers are prime spots for raiding and recycling.

Don’t feel bad about taking other player’s stuff. It’s all fair because you’re building roads, the single best resource in the wasteland.