Google Stadia’s First Exclusive Title, GYLT Receives Official Launch Trailer

Tequila Works and Google have released the official launch trailer for their highly anticipated Google Stadia exclusive, GYLT.

The new trailer is short and sweet, providing viewers a good sense of the game on all fronts. The game is very reminiscent of games like Limbo and Inside, however, it seems GYLT strays away from being a ripoff and instead becomes its own thing. The spookiness of the game, paired with what seems like good storytelling can be a real treat for early adopters of the Stadia.

Check out the launch trailer for Google Stadia’s first exclusive title, Gylt, down below:

Recently Google announced the first batch of games that will launch alongside the Stadia. It will include a total count of 12 games, ranging from RPG titles to Stadia exclusives. However, many players might not be ecstatic at first as there is really nothing truly new or overwhelming perfect for the console, but let’s just take a look at what Stadia will be offering day one. Check out the full launch lineup of games for Stadia right here!

If you want to learn even more about GYLT, I suggest checking out the relatively recent developer walkthrough of the game. Developer Tequila Works walks through newcomers through their upcoming game, giving a little insight into their inspirations and what it’s all about. Check that out right here!

GYLT is set to release alongside the Google Stadia. Are you hyped for the upcoming game and new console? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube