New Xbox Short Film Showcases the Impact of the Adaptive Controller in an Inspirational Way

Microsoft has been one of the biggest supporters of bringing accessibility to gaming and whether you like their brand or not, you have to applaud them for their continued support.

Their latest video, which comes in as an Xbox Short Film is truly inspirational for everyone out there. The film stars Spencer Allen, a person in need of accessibility options when it comes to gaming. Thanks to the Xbox Adaptive controller, Allen, was able to build an epic gaming table to help fit his needs.

Check out the inspirational Xbox short film down below:

In this inspirational film, we meet lifelong gamer Spencer Allen – reconnecting with the top of his game with a little help from the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the adaptations he made to the controller. Huge shout-out to Spencer and his family for sharing their story with us!

Allen had almost given up playing games after his accident in 2016, however, the Xbox Adaptive controller had him thinking it was possible again. After much creative thinking, and hardwork, Allen managed to build the table that fits his needs and is again able to play games.

It’s always touching to see a gamer’s true love for the art come out, and if it wasn’t for Microsoft innovative technology, Allen might not have been able to play games every again. It makes you think that taking brand supremacy or arguing online about games is just a stupid waste of time for those who don’t truly love gaming.

The Xbox Adaptive controller is available now for $70. Microsoft has done an amazing job bringing accessibility to the gaming community and that might be better than anything else as they say when everyone plays, we all win.

Source: YouTube