Death Stranding: Here’s What You Unlock For Completing The Game

After playing through the story of Death Stranding, there’s still more you can do in the massive open-world.

The main story is lengthy, it took me about 45~ hours to complete this thing, and I tried my best to rush through it and reach the end. What’s waiting when you’re done? I won’t spoil anything here, but there are some special rewards waiting at the end of the game. Rewards you won’t get anywhere else.

Some of the end-game features are actually kind of hidden. Others are straight-up revealed and shown. Below, I’ll list all the extra stuff I’ve found that you can do in the end-game, after the credits roll and the story is complete. You’ll get customization options, and the ability to replay sections of the story!

[WARNING: Minor story spoilers ahead!]

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Game Completion Unlockables

After completing Episode 14, you’ll enter the post-game section of the game. In Episode 15, you can go back and complete anything you haven’t done yet. You’re free to explore, do more deliveries, and rank up all the regions you haven’t upgraded yet.

You’ll also find two new features in your Private Room.

  • Suit Customization – You can now change the color and customize your exploration suit. Look at your suit on the rack to access this feature.
  • Memories & Nightmares – You can replay warfare scenarios (all 3) or rewatch memories of Cliff Unger. Turn around and look at the green army men on the shelf to access these features.

In Episode 15, there is no secret or alternate endings. You’ll also find no more special events — but you can go out and find all the settlements you haven’t added to the USC yet. There are tons of useful upgrades just waiting to be unlocked.