Death Stranding: Where To Find Higgs’s Home | ‘God Particle Go-Getter’ Guide

Higgs, the skull-faced terrorist you’ll encounter multiple times as you complete Death Stranding, actually has an Easter egg infused home on the map you can check out after the game is complete. You’ll only be able to unlock his inner sanctum after the credits role, so even if you’ve found his safehouse, there’s no way to get it open. No matter how many pizzas you deliver.

Death Stranding is full of celebrity cameos and little Easter egg — looking at BB can sometimes trigger a frightening jumpscare, or if you spend enough time in your Private Room, the ghost of Hideo Kojima will emerge from beneath Sam’s bed. There’s a lot of random stuff, but this is one secret that isn’t random at all. Anyone can visit this location, earn the special trophy and leave with a Memory Chip.

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How To Unlock ‘God Particle Go-Getter’ | Higgs House Easter Egg

To find Higgs’s Home and unlock the ‘God Particle Go-Getter’ trophy, you’ll need to get pretty far into the game. The location is actually marked much earlier in the story — when you perform some very innocuous deliveries. Specifically, when you take Pizza Delivery missions.

Find the first Pizza Delivery mission in the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. The second is found at the Timefall Farm. None of them are really required, and they get increasingly lengthy as you go.

If you’ve completed the game and reached Episode 15, you’ll be unable to take on these orders. Why? Because it was Higgs all along! You’ll find Higgs’ secret lair directly west of Lake Knot City, near a ridge to the east of the Middle Knot City crater. The location is labeled ‘Peter Englert’ — and you can only return when you reach Episode 15.

Higgs’s lair is located here on the Central Region map.

Return to the location, and the door will be open. Go downstairs to the single room below, and you’ll find walls of pictures posted to boards. You’ll find insane messages scrawled on the walls — and you’ll get a very hard-to-find Memory Chip.

The memory chip contains a load of supplementary material all about Higgs. You’ll get a ton of interview logs, completing his story and explaining who this weird guy even is. There are anecdotes about what he was doing during events with Sam, and how he grew up to become a monster.

This is one interesting little Easter egg anyone can check out and earn a little trophy for your trouble.