We May See A Metal Gear Solid Animated Series Alongside Blockbuster Film

It’s difficult getting a movie going in Hollywood. The budget, scripting, cast, and ensuring that you have something that will appeal to a wide audience is tough to juggle. While recently the film industry seems to have a spike in popularity with the Marvel comic book medium, there are still plenty of hopeful film creators attempting to bring out some great adaptations from video games. One of the video game IPs that may see a release into the market is Metal Gear Solid.

For over six years now this Metal Gear Solid movie project has been something that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been striving to complete. The director behind 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, has been pitching the project to studios but admitted that it’s not been easy during a conversation with Gary Whitt’s Animal Talking Show. It’s tough to make a movie, to begin with, according to Jordan but to further adapt a video game series that is complex and requires a rather large budget to stay true with the franchise is an even harder sell. 

“It’s a difficult thing. Getting any movie made in Hollywood is hard. Getting something like Metal Gear made where it is so complex is even harder. That’s why I’m trying to make it for a budget where you can do crazy shit, where you can do the Metal Gear version of it, where it isn’t neutered.”

Despite this, it looks like the hope for Metal Gear Solid to be adapted into a different medium is not lost. In fact, according to Jordan, the plan is to bring back the original voice cast of the video game series in order to deliver a cartoon series that would come out in tandem with the movie. We’re not sure if this means that the cartoon series would play a role in the film narrative, but this cartoon series could prove to be a bit easier to manage than a blockbuster film.

Netflix for instance has had a successful run with the Castlevania series. We could see a Metal Gear Solid animated series also being potentially a hit on the Netflix streaming service, but for now, it looks like the dream and push for the director is doing both projects. Whether we will ever see a Metal Gear Solid medium in either an animated series or movie remains a mystery for now.

Source: Gamesradar