Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get Your Own Cat Companion | Pet Location Guide

Animals are rare in Cyberpunk 2077. Most of the creatures around Night City died out due to pollution and other factors, but cats have stuck around. They’re extremely rare in this world — so much so that it’s considered good luck to find them. Well, you can have your very own permanent good luck charm with this secret quest to add a cat pet to your apartment.

What’s strange is just how close this little secret is to your house. You can find it down the hall, just to the left of your apartment door — but actually completing it is a lot harder. Below we’ve got all the details for adding this (not so furry) friend to your apartment treasures.

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To start the Kitty Cat quest, you’ll need to find a special shard to the left of your apartment. Leaving the apartment, go left and turn right down the hallway. Look in the red / orange trashcan with two blue / green trash bags at the base. There’s a shard called “feed teh cat” here.

Next, you need to find cat food. This is a special item that you can only collect once this secret side-job begins — you might’ve already found it.

  • Cat Food Location: Cat Food can be found in the “Arasaka Industrial Park” in Santo Domingo, Arroyo.
    • The cat food is located in the underground tunnels beneath the security station. Go downstairs and enter the long hallway with a blue glue — the cat food is on a crate near the double doors marked “Exit”.

The Industrial Park is a location you’ll visit in a main job, so you can’t miss it — it doesn’t happen until pretty far into the game, so you’ll have to wait before getting this cat food.

Return to the apartment and drop off the cat food by interacting with the bowl — the bowl can only be interacted with after you acquire the cat food. Go sleep in your apartment bed, then return and you’ll find the cat eating from the bowl.

Get close and select [Pick up] and the cat will live in your apartment permanently! Who knew a stray cat secret was so close to your home base?

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