Cyberpunk 2077: 5 Weird Items You Don’t Want To Miss | Clown Grenades, Batcars, Fake Jackets & More

There’s some extremely weird stuff floating around in Night City. We’re not just talking about guns and weapons either — after exploring the dystopia setting of Cyberpunk 2077 for dozens of hours, we just have to share some of the weirdest junk we’ve found so far. There are clown grenades, false iconic jackets, Batman cars, and a few other things we don’t want to spoil.

You can’t just complete the game normally to encounter these items. You’ll have to get off the beaten track and explore the strange corners of the city. Sometimes you’ll stumble into a Batcave, sometimes you’ll get invited to sleep with an intimidating Militech corpo, and sometimes you’ll just find a talking gun laying around in an alley.

All of these items are extremely weird, and if you want to experience Cyberpunk 2077 fully, I highly recommend getting them all.

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Fake SAMEREI Jacket

Want your own cool Samurai jacket? Like the one V wears in all the promotional material for Cyberpunk 2077? Well, you can get it early — but it’s a fake. The word “SAMURIA” is spelled wrong on the back. The jacket looks identical otherwise, making it one of the weirdest curiosities in the game.

The jacket can be obtained as a reward from the side-job “Small Man, Big Mouth” — the job is only available under specific conditions.

  • To Unlock The “Small Man, Big Mouth” quest, you must…
    • You must have the Street Kid background.
    • Agree to send Jackie home to his family after “The Heist” main job.
    • Later, visit Jackie’s family at the El Coyote Cojo bar and complete the “Heroes” side job.

After completing “Heroes”, Kirk will eventually call you. In this mission, you’ll fight a gang of Valentinos, and one of them has a fake Johnny Silverhand jacket you can take. Sweet!

Sir John Phallustiff

One of the weirdest weapons in the game is this dildo-shaped club. It absolutely isn’t worth collecting, barely does more damage than a normal club, and is generally pretty gross from a variety of perspectives.

But it is a dildo you can use as a weapon. To get it, you’ll need to meet with Miranda Stout during “The Pickup” quest in Act 1. Before meeting with the Maelstrom representatives, you’ll need to ask Stout for miltech help purchasing the stolen robot. She’ll give you a card with the cash.

Make sure to follow her instructions and give the cash card to the Maelstrom. When their network is breached, you’ll have to fight your way out of the lair.

Much later in the game, Stout will call you on the phone. You can be masculine or feminine — and invite you to her hotel room in the “Venus In Furs” quest. Agree, witness the sex scene, and you’ll find this weird weapon on the bed.

Ozob’s Nose

The one and only Legendary grenade in the game is very unique. This isn’t a normal powerful grenade — it’s a clown nose. Yes, really.

You’ll get Ozob’s Nose from the “Send In The Clowns” side-job. This side-job appears later in the story, after finishing the “Transmission” main job. You’ll get a call for this one. It’s simple, straightforward, and this nose is a hilarious reward.

Rayfield Caliburn

This beefed up car doesn’t look or sound special, but it’s all connected to a little Batman Easter egg. To get it, you need to complete Panam’s main job in Act 2 — specifically, “Ghost Town” — and get revenge on Nash.

You can return to the cave later and enter a shipping container. Inside you’ll find this super stylish (and sleek) black vehicle owned by a strange individual. Grab the shard to get the key — and read the message to find out what the deal is.

The car was owned by none other than Murk Man — a hero trying to save Night City from itself after his parents were killed. Deeply silly, but this free car is absolutely worth collecting ASAP.


One of the weirdest guns in the game pulls a dirty trick on you. Skippy is Smart Pistol with a built-in AI that comments on everything you do, and allows you to select one of two firing modes.

You can find Skippy in Vista Del Rey, Heywood. Track the southwest “?” gig marker in the sector and you’ll find the dead end alley where this weapon is sitting next to a dead body. Collect it and you’ll enter a conversation.

While talking to the weird little gun, you can choose to make it a Lethal or Nonlethal Smart Pistol — it will always aim for the head or the legs. Whatever you choose, Skippy will SWAP YOUR CHOICE after you’ve scored 50 kills. If you took nonlethal, it’ll make the gun lethal permanently. If you took lethal, it will make the gun nonlethal permanently. Skippy is kind of a dick.