Cyberpunk 2077: Use This New Crafting Method To Earn Endless Eddies | Fast Cash Guide

There’s a new method for earning easy cash, and it’s a natural extension of our previous farming trick for Cyberpunk 2077. Instead of just farming endless cans from vending machines in and around your apartment building, now you can use those common components to make even bigger profits through crafting.

You don’t need a lot of crafting XP or perks to make this method viable, and you really only need to pull it out once to earn 500,000~ eddies. Once you get that much cash, you’re pretty well stocked for a long time in this game. Stuff is expensive, and there’s a whole lot to buy, but a few quick sessions will put you into so much money you’ll have no problem affording all those cars (or cyberware) you want.

[WARNING: This method was previously bugged and could cause your save file to become corrupted. While this isn’t an exploit, it was causing problems by making save files too big. Make sure you’re fully updated your version of the game before attempting this method.]

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How To Earn 500k+ in 30 Minutes | Cash Farming Guide

This trick is related to our previous method — using vending machines to purchase $10 soda cans, then dismantle them for common and uncommon components. Instead of selling the components, we’ll be using Crafting to create Nekomata Rifles and selling them to a Drop Point vendor.

  • Pre-requisites: Unlock the perks Ex Nihilo and Cost Optimization — if you can’t unlock these yet, just start farming now and you’ll build up crafting skill fast.

You don’t need rare item perks. To perform this method, it’s better to construct uncommon Nekomata rifles.

  • Step-By-Step – Crafting Nekomata Rifles For Cash
    • Purchase 30 soda cans from each vending machine. Each can costs 10 eddies. You can purchase from 7-8 machines in your apartment building or wait 24 hours for the machines to refill.
    • Dismantle the cans to collect Common and Uncommon components.
    • Use the Common and Uncommon components to craft Uncommon Nekomata Rifles. These are the most valuable items to craft, and sell for — stand near a Drop-Off vendor before crafting.
    • Sell the Nekomata Rifles for a huge pay-out. Each Nekomata sells for about 600~ eddies. Because they can be made with just uncommon and common components, they’re the most efficient. Sell the remaining common components after crafting for more cash.

The goal is to collect soda cans and dismantle for 15-20~ minutes, then craft and sell Nekomata Rifles for 10~ minutes. Split your time and you’ll have lots and lots of Common and Uncommon components for crafting dozens of Nekomata Rifles. The more you craft at once, the more you can sell for profit.

If you split your time like this, you can earn about 500k~ eddies every 30 minutes. Double that for an hour, quadruple for two. It isn’t exactly mindless, but it is very simple. I recommend going for one 30~ minute cycle, then going back when you feel like earning more cash.

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