Destiny 2: Forsaken – Level Up Instantly With Sparks of Light | Quick Campaign Start Guide

The massive Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion boosts the level cap all the way up to Level 50, and kicks the Power Level cap up to 600. That’s a lot of levels, and if you’re worried you won’t be able to level up fast enough to begin the campaign right away, don’t worry because Bungie is giving away a free solution in the form of an item — called the ‘Spark of Light’.

The Spark of Light first appeared in the previous Destiny 1 expansion The Taken King, and boosted players up to Level 25 instantly. The Level Cap in that game, for that expansion, was 40 — so it only boosts you enough to start the new campaign without having to grind through the standard story. The same thing is happening in Destiny 2, with the exact same use. Learn all about the Spark of Light, and how it works, in the full guide below.

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Level Up Instantly With Sparks of Light | Quick Campaign Start Guide

[Work-in-Progress: This page will be updated as we learn more about this item.]


If you’re below the max level required to begin the campaign in Destiny 2: Forsaken, you can use a free item that appears in your inventory, the Spark of Light, to instantly level up the character that uses it.

For purchasing the Forsaken DLC, you’ll start with one [1] Spark of Light XP Boost. It appears in the inventory of your first character on the roster. It can only be used to boost characters that are not already max level.

Each account begins with [1] Spark of Light. It does not increase your level to max — that’s Level 50 in Forsaken. It only boosts your level high enough to begin the campaign and play through it. If you skipped the previous Destiny 2 expansions, made a new character that is low level, or started a new game on a different console / PC, you can use the Spark of Light to begin playing the campaign in Forsaken immediately.

Your account will only have one [1] Spark of Light. If you want to boost multiple character, extra Sparks of Light are available through in-game purchases. Each extra boost costs $30. That’s a hefty price-tag, so it might be better to just replay the campaign unless you’re in a real hurry.

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