Valheim: Everything You Need To Know About The Viking Afterlife In One Place | Wiki Guide

You might’ve heard of Valheim. This tiny game from a team of first-time indie developers exploded in Early-Access in February, selling in the millions very quickly. Currently Valheim is sitting in the top 3 of most-played games on Steam. How did this happen? If you ask fans, it’s just because Valheim is that good.

Like Minecraft, Valheim is an open-world survival game. You’re dropped into a lo-fi Viking realm packed with monsters and no real goal — except building the biggest, coolest base you can get. The game isn’t finished yet, and there’s still a ton of content here. We’ve put together all the crafting guides, secrets, tips and tricks. Now you can easily browse everything we’ve done (so far) for Valheim. And you can expect plenty more as the game is finished this year and the next.

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Beginner Guides

Guides for players just getting started in Valheim.

Biome & Boss Guides

How to summon the bosses in each biome, and tips for surviving.

Advanced Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks for more advanced players — best weapons, max HP, fast travel and more.

Mods & Seeds Guides

Everything extra. Mods to add more features, and seeds to use when generate new worlds.

Cheats & Glitches Guides

When you don’t feel like playing fair. Use these glitches and console commands to do the impossible.

Weird Tips & Tricks

This is where all the weird stuff belongs. Using windmills as sawblades, creating a plague of infinite wolves, and using trolls to level entire forests.