Valheim: How To Dupe Inventory & Multiply Your Resources Instantly

Double all this.

Don’t feel like cheating with console commands in Valheim? Well, there’s another way you can double, quadruple, and sextuple what you’ve already got. This really works before for solo players, but you’ll be able to do it online too — just be sure to follow the instructions below to the letter. Otherwise you might lose a lot of progress with badly timed copy / pastes.

Duping generally isn’t great in multiplayer games, but there’s no competition here — you’re free to progress and explore at your own pace. If you’re finding the pace of Valheim to be just way too slow while you’re trying to build your magnum opus outpost, then duping might be the right solution for you. This doesn’t generate more items, it just copies the items you already have. You can double your stored weapons, food, and wood! Especially great if you really need a lot more wood and stone building materials.

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NOTE: This method still works and has been tested as of the time of this writing. Copying character files no longer works, but copying world files still works for duping.

This method allows you to completely copy (dupe) all your in-game inventory by copying / pasting your current world — then you can swap to the copied world with your character, collect everything you want, and return to your main world. Basically, you’ll double everything you’ve got — and you could double, quadruple, and so on through subsequent copies!

It doesn’t take long. Remember to leave everything you want to copy in chests or in the game world — not in your character inventory. You’ll grab the items later, but leave them in chests before copy / pasting.

How To Find Your World Save Files

To get started, you need to find your World file. World save files are located in the AppData folder and aren’t normally accessible. To find your AppData folder, press [Windows Key + R] and search “Appdata” — or simply search “Appdata” in your start menu search bar and select the Folder.

You’ll find the World files in the following folder location.

  • C:\Users\[YourUsername]\Appdata\LocalLow\Irongate\Valheim\worlds

Now that you have your world files, you can easily perform this dupe method. Make a separate folder for copying / pasting, and follow these steps.

  • Make sure to copy the files labeled Data Base File. The rest of the files can be ignored.

How To Dupe

  • Go to the World save folder and copy / paste YourWorld.DataBaseFile into a new folder — don’t overwrite anything yet.
    • GO HERE: C:\Users\[YourUsername]\Appdata\LocalLow\Irongate\Valheim\worlds
  • Login to YourWorld and put all the items you want to dupe in your character inventory.
  • Logout, then copy/paste YourWorld into the worlds save folder, overwriting it with the previous version.
  • Log back in, and you’ll see that all your old items are still around — and your character is carrying the dupes.

How does this work? You’re making a backup copy of your world BEFORE taking out the items you want to dupe and putting them in your inventory. Your character retains whatever items they’re currently carrying at all times, as your character save data is separate from the world save data. Make sense?

It sounds complicated, but its incredibly easy. You just need to make a copy of your current world, then login and take the items you want in your character’s inventory, and finally copy / paste the world file we created earlier in your world save folder. You’ll return with all the items in your character inventory, and all the items you just took still in your world.

Currently, there’s an alternate method involving character saves that no longer works. Duping has been disabled for that method, but this will absolutely still functions. Well, it does for now.