Valheim: How To Unlock The Best Weapons In The Game | Porcupine, Frostner, Stagbreaker & Draugr Fang

Eventually, you start to get sick of the basic swords and clubs of Valheim. There are unique weapons with special properties in the Norse afterlife, but you’ll have to make them all yourself. Before you can get powerful weapons like the Stagbreaker or the Draugr Fang, you’ll need to unlock the crafting recipe — and to do that, you need to acquire specific materials. Getting Linen Thread gives you access to the Porcupine, getting Ymir Flesh gives you access to the Frostner, and so on.

So we’re going to explain how to find all the ingredients you need to craft. There’s a lot more in-depth knowledge you’ll need to fully craft these suckers — smelters, forges, artisanal tables, and multiple processing steps for certain materials like Silver, but we’ll try to make it as simple as possible. If you’ve made it into the later parts of the game, you’ve probably got some knowledge under your belt.

Here’s how to craft all the unique weapons in Valheim.

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How To Unlock The Porcupine

  • Weapon Type: Clubs
  • Recipe: Forge (Lvl. 4) | x20 Iron, x10 Linen Thread, x5 Fine Wood, x5 Needle

Unlocks after acquiring Linen Thread. The Porcupine is the only melee weapon that deals both blunt and piercing damage at the same time. It’s also an end-game (currently) weapon that is only available after defeating Moder in the Mountains biome.

After defeating Moder, you’ll gain the Dragon Tear which unlocks access to the Artisan Table. With the Artisan Table, you can craft the Spinning Wheel — which produces Linen Thread from Flax.

Flax is found exclusively in the Plains biome. Search Fuling Villages — there’s a patch of land outside the village where flax grows. Flax is rare, so after finding it, replant it somewhere safe for a good supply.

How To Unlock The Frostner

  • Weapon Type: Clubs
  • Recipe: x30 Silver, x10 Ancient Bark, x5 Ymir Flesh, x5 Freeze Glands

Frostner is a magical axe that applies frost damage to enemies, slowing them with each hit. This weapon recipe is unlocked after acquiring Ymir Flesh for the first time. Ymir Flesh can be purchased from Haldor the Trader in the Black Forest biome — you just need to find him first.

To find Silver, you need to defeat the Bonemass boss in the Swamps biome. Once you acquire the Bonewish accessory, you’ll be able to locate hidden silver deposits underground. Ancient Bark comes from trees in the Swamp biome, and Freeze Glands are dropped by Drakes in the Mountain biome.

How To Unlock The Stagbreaker

  • Weapon Type: Two-Handed Clubs
  • Recipe: x20 Core Wood, x5 Deer Trophy, x2 Leather Scraps

The massive Stagbreaker club deals AOE damage — perfect for cheesing enemies through walls. This is also the earliest weapon you can obtain on this list. The Stagbreaker is unlocked after acquiring Core Wood; wood from trees in the Black Forest biome.

Deer will randomly (and rarely) drop a Deer Trophy when killed, and Boars will drop Leather Scraps. Everything you need to get this unique weapon.

How To Unlock The Draugr Fang

  • Weapon Type: Bows
  • Recipe: x20 Silver, x10 Ancient Bark, x10 Guck, x2 Deer Hide

The best bow in the game fires poison-imbued arrows. The crafting recipe will unlock once you acquire Silver, Guck, and Ancient Bark. Silver is obtained with the Wishbone accessory in the Mountains biome — you need to defeat the Bonemass boss in the Swamps biome to acquire it.

Ancient Bark comes from trees in the Swamp biome, and Guck can be found in the hanging gucksacks, also in the Swamp. Gucksacks glow green, making them hard to miss.